Tata Sierra, Mahindra Scorpio & Mitsubishi Pajero inspired SUV

Cut, copy and paste. This is something that experts photoshop users do to make the image of vehicles and renders any upcoming vehicle. How about doing that to a car in real life? Well, even though structural modifications is banned in India and is illegal, there are a few who go ahead and change the look of their vehicles to make it look different from others. While many others, try to get inspired by other vehicles and modify their vehicles to look different altogether. Here is one such modified vehicle that is a blend of Mahindra Scorpio and Mitsubishi Pajero. What do you think about this extreme modification?

Tata Sierra, Mahindra Scorpio & Mitsubishi Pajero inspired SUV

This vehicle is located in Kerala and the owner has done some extreme transformation job. The final result looks like a new vehicle that gets the parts from Mahindra Scorpio and Mitsubishi Pajero. But, if you look closely, you will realise that it is originally a Tata Sierra.

The owner has not revealed the exact details and what made him do this blend of modification job but the result sure looks interesting. It seems like the owner is a fan of all the three vehicles and wanted to create something unique.

Now talking about the modification job itself, it gets a grille that is from Mahindra Scorpio. The older-generation Scorpio used to offer the very same grille. However, the body paint will instantly remind you of Mitsubishi Pajero, which is another popular SUV in India. The blend of both makes the Sierra look very different and we don’t think there is another Sierra that has been modified like this in India.

The details of the cabin and the mechanicals are not known. The Tata Sierra offered a 2.0-litre naturally aspirated petrol engine and this modified vehicle is likely to be carrying the very same engine but since the details are not known, we will not comment on the same.

It should be noted that in Kerala, the MVD or the Motor Vehicle Department is extremely strict when it comes to modifications. The MVD has seized numerous vehicles in the past and has even imposed high challan amounts on modified vehicles. Since structural modifications are banned in India, a vehicle with such a modification can face the wrath of the officials in any state. To make such vehicles legal, one has to go through a very strict and stringent process.

Before any modified vehicle is allowed legally to operate on the public roads, the law says that you will have to get your vehicle inspected by the RTO for road-worthiness. Only after that, the modified vehicle will be allowed to go on the road. This a long process and takes a lot of money too.

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