This is how Suzuki crash tests its cars: Impressed? [Video]

Suzuki Motor Corporation, which is one of the biggest automobile brands in the world sells millions of vehicles every year. Suzuki has uploaded a video with the new-generation Swift that shows how the manufacturer tests its vehicle for safety by doing crash tests.

The video shows the international spec Suzuki Swift Sport. In the video, the Japanese can be seen preparing the car for the crash test in a test lab. The vehicle is then launched at a certain pre-defined speed for an offset front collision. The collision causes the airbags of the vehicle to open instantly. Since this is an international version of the Swift, it gets more than two airbags. The video shows that the front and the curtain airbags deploy almost instantly after the first contact at the front.

The deployment of airbags ensures that the occupants inside the vehicle do not hit any hard surfaces inside the car. The airbags absorb the shock and the energy of the moving occupants that saves them from any kind of grave injuries. The test dummies sitting inside the vehicle can be seen hitting the airbags after the crash, which keeps them safe.

The test also shows the front crumple zone of the car that absorbs the energy from the crash and ensures that the minimal energy transfer happens to the occupants.

This is how Suzuki crash tests its cars: Impressed? [Video]

Based on HEARTECT platform, which is known for its lightweight and high level of safety, the Swift has crumple zones in the front and the rear. The crumple zones are designed to crumple down and absorb as much energy as possible during an accident. The safe zone lies between the two crumple zones and it has been designed to remain intact even during the extreme crashes and keep the occupants safe. This is the safety philosophy with all the Suzuki cars.

After the crash test is over, the dummies are then taken out carefully and are studied. The sensors inside the dummies give the data on the impact regions and which parts of the body have received the maximum impact. The data is then used to further make the cars safer for the customers.

In the crash test, the stock vehicles are used to mimic the exact scenario that the buyer may face on the road. The crash test data is then analysed by the team at the company to bring better and safer cars.

The Indian version of the Maruti Suzuki Swift offers two airbags as standard across the variants and there are additional safety features including ABS, EBD and Brake Assistance. The car also offers rear parking sensors as standard.