Suzuki Hayabusa as a Uber Moto bike ‘taxi’ in India: Crazy but true [Video]

Have you ever imagined a superbike turning up to pick you as your Uber ride? Well if it’s a dream, then it came true for some lucky people. Superbikes are very fast and agile machines to handle and not everyone can handle them well. As seen in this video, the owner of this red Suzuki Hayabusa pranks Uber moto riders by showing up at their pickup points in full riding gear. Surprised by seeing a superbike as their Uber Moto, the customers are amazed and initially do not believe it’s true.

Superbikes are powered by very high capacity engines which revv up to 10K rpms and are capable of touching speeds upwards of 250 Kmph. The one such example seen in the video is a Suzuki Hayabusa which is powered by 1300cc, 4 cylinder engine. This motor is capable of propelling this bike to top speeds of 300 Kmph, and gives it a sprint time of 2.5 seconds for the 0-100 Kmph run, which is very, very fast for any road, anywhere in the world.

As seen in the video, the riders are filled with joy and happiness and the smiles can be a better judge of the whole scenario, but as a wise man once said, with great power comes great responsibility. This is purely lacking here as the riders are not wearing any safety gears or helmets. And this could be fatal and dangerous in case of any mishap. Never, ever get onto a superbike without safety gear, even for a joyride.

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With the rise in accidents and fatal incidents in recent times, we suggest you to wear safety gear and proper ISI branded helmets for the safety of passengers as well as yourself. Superbike pranks have been rising for a few years now and the trend seems to be gaining momentum pretty fast, but don’t forget, safety is in your hands. Be safe and ride safe.

Video courtesy TheIndianITI