Suzuki Hayabusa gets stuck in a pothole: Manages to complete Spiti circuit [Video]

Suzuki Hayabusa, which is one of the most recognisable superbikes on the Indian roads is known for its extreme touring capability. The grand-touring motorcycle is designed to go on long-distance touring. However, since it is quite heavy to handle, it can be a difficult task to handle the motorcycle on the twisted or mountain roads. Jasminder Singh, a highly experienced rider of the Suzuki Hayabusa took his motorcycle to the treacherous roads of Manali-Leh highway. The result? Well, it was scary.

The video uploaded on JS Films shows how difficult the roads can be for such grand touring motorcycles. The video is from the Manali-Rohtang stretch, which currently has a large number of potholes and the road conditions are far from perfect. The video shows quite a few bad stretches the group of riders faced on their journey to the Rohtang Pass but the one that caught our eyes was the huge crater on the road in the Suzuki Hayabusa got stuck completely.

In the video, we can see the KTM 390 Duke taking on the same pothole and coming out of it after getting imbalanced. However, when the Hayabusa got into the same pothole, it became stuck there. Jasminder Singh, who was riding the bike at that time is a highly experienced rider and has covered many difficult roads on the Hayabusa. He even rode the bike from India to Bhutan and knows how to control the bike properly. However, the heavyweight of the bike ensured that the bike does not come out of the big pothole easily. How did the Duke 390 come out of it? Well, the Duke 390 was at a higher momentum and it is much lighter than the Suzuki Hayabusa. Mr Singh on the Hayabusa slowed down after he realised that the pothole is too big. However, it was too late and he ended up stuck in the pothole.

The other rider on the KTM 390 Duke rushed to help and after putting quite a lot of effort, the Hayabusa came out of the pothole. It is because of the experience of the rider that the bike did not fall down. If it were a novice rider, the heavy Hayabusa could have fallen down. The Suzuki Hayabusa weighs a massive 268 kg and plus the luggage, the weight must have been close to 300 kg, which is quite heavy.

Hayabusa Stuck

Hayabusa is known for its long-distance touring capabilities but because of its heavyweight, it is not the right choice for the mountains and bad roads. Controlling a Hayabusa at lower speeds can be a task and requires a lot of skills. Nonetheless, the bike did come out in the end and it completed the trip safely too.