This is how a Suzuki Hayabusa superbike gets ‘unboxed’ in India [Video]

The Suzuki Hayabusa is among the most popular and most powerful superbikes in the world. Also called the GSX1300R, the Hayabusa was first launched in 1999 and instantly became the world’s fastest superbike. The term Hayabusa when translated to Japanese means, Pergerine Falcon, which is the fastest bird and hence the name. In India, Suzuki has priced the Hayabusa at Rs, 13.74 lakhs, which also makes it relatively more affordable than other superbikes in its category. Now the delivery of a bike of such stature is also quite special. This video below by Dino’s Vault shows how the Hayabusa is brought to the dealership and unboxed before the final handover to the buyer. Let’s now check out the video before getting onto the rest of the details.

The Hayabusa is quite a big bike and therefore is brought in a separate box to the dealership. The box here consists of a big metal frame which is wrapped around with multiple layers of transparent plastic. The bike is placed inside it covered with a foam sheet. The whole package arrives in a truck and is then transported to the dealership. Here, professionals unbox the bike layer by layer and see to it that the bike doesn’t get damaged in the process. The plastic wrapping goes first, then the metal frame is dismantled and finally, the bike is uncovered by removing the foam sheet cover. The Busa then is revealed in its full glory and a freshly made Busa straight out of the factory is definitely a sight to watch.

Hayabusa Unboxing

The bike is then taken for a good wash where it is further pampered and prepared before the final delivery. If necessary, a shine coat is also applied to the body panels in order to make the bike look more attractive and gleaming during the time of customer delivery. In India, the Hayabusa is among the top-selling superbikes and a hot favorite among youngsters as well as enthusiasts. It is also known as the ‘Dhoom’ bike because of its appearance in a Bollywood movie. Due to good sales and popularity, Suzuki Motorcycle India decided to make Hayabusa the first assembled in India superbike in 2017. This is the reason why it is comparatively cheaper than other superbikes like the Yamaha R1 and Ducati Panigale.

Talking of its engine and power figures, the latest Suzuki Hayabusa is powered by a 1,340 cc in-line four-cylinder engine which churns out a huge 197 Bhp of power at 9,500 rpm and 155 Nm of peak torque at 7,200 rpm. As already mentioned earlier, it is one of the most powerful bikes in the world and its top speed has been limited in lieu of the Gentleman’s agreement to restrict top speed of bikes. The reason why this bike became an icon was not only because of its high speed and power but also because of how evenly it justified the rest of the definitions given to a bike. The Hayabusa scored full points in other qualities like handling, comfort, reliability, noise, fuel economy too, which make it one of the best bikes in the market today.

However, Suzuki has decided to discontinue the Hayabusa in its current form. The company decision of discontinuing the bike was due to its inability to meet the upcoming stringent emission norms in many parts of the world, specifically the European continent. The Hayabusa could not meet the new Euro 4 emissions norms along with some other other rules introduced as part of EU Regulation 168/2013. This may mean the end of the road for the Busa but only for the time being as reports suggest that a new Busa is already in making. It will probably be unveiled by next year and mark a new beginning of the Hayabusa chapter.