Suzuki IV-4 concept – will the XA Apha look like this?

Mind you, this is not the upcoming Maruti Suzuki XA Alpha – this is the Suzuki iV-4 concept from Frankfurst Auto Show. But you will surely notice the visual similarity between this SUV, and the XA Alpha concept which we saw at the 2012 Auto Expo.

The iV-4 concept is a bit larger than the XA Alpha, which will be similar to the EcoSport in dimensions, while the iV-4 is closer to the Duster in size, we think.

However, the design direction of future SUVs from Suzuki is obvious here. You can see lines similar to the Swift and SX4 hatch, if you look hard enough.

Without much ado, here are the official photos of the SUV. Now, let’s begin dreaming that the XA Alpha version production version looks like this. If it does, it can take the battle to EcoSport even before its launches!