Suzuki Jimmy EV: What it’ll look like

The Suzuki Jimny is yet to reach the Indian shores, even though its global debut took place almost four years ago. However, this compact off-roader has already gained immense popularity among auto enthusiasts in India, due to its perfect match of compact dimensions and go-anywhere ability. Overseas, the Jimny is currently available in a petrol-only avatar, though we have come across a design rendering which shows how the electric version of the SUV will look like.

A YouTube video by ‘SRK Designs’ gives us an idea of what the Suzuki Jimny will look like if it is launched today in the avatar of an electric vehicle. Compared to the neo-retro of the current production version of the Suzuki Jimny, this design rendering has a futuristic touch, which is giving Jimny an all-new identity. However, this design rendering of the Jimny Electric showcases only the front three-quarter of the look, which is enough to make it look cool.

Gets EV specific design changes

Suzuki Jimmy EV: What it’ll look like

At the front, this design rendering of the Suzuki Jimny Electric does with rounded projector headlamps and round turn indicators and instead gets a different headlamp unit. These headlamps have tapered edges on all their sides, and come with horizontal slats, which give an impression of them being all-LED lighting strips. These horizontal LED strips of the headlamp are in sync with the horizontal slats of the revised grille, which replaces the unique-looking grille of the regular Jimny that has vertical slats on either side of the Suzuki logo.

The entire housing which accommodates the revised headlamps and grille is finished in silver, which is otherwise blacked out in the current production version. The front bumper of this rendering of Suzuki Jimny Electric gets tapered edges on the sides, but otherwise has a completely different look. The rounded fog lamps and the rounded rectangular housings for them are replaced here by double vertical LED slats on either side.

In addition, the air dam with honeycomb inserts of the production model is also replaced by a closed grille with granular vents across the width of the middle portion of the bumper. The lower part of the bumper also gets a thick-looking silver skid plate, which the petrol-powered version of the Jimny misses out on. The other changes in this rendering of Suzuki Jimny Electric include a different dual-tone paint scheme of icy blue with silver-finished roof and rearview mirrors, body-coloured flared wheel arches and EV-specific dual-tone alloy wheels with blue inserts.

Jimny EV is still many years away

The Suzuki Jimny Electric is a distant possibility, which cannot be ignored, given that it is one of the highest-selling models for Suzuki around the globe. However, even the petrol-powered version of the Jimny is yet to be launched in India. Available with the choices of 5-speed manual and 4-speed automatic, the Suzuki Jimny comes with a 1.5-litre four-cylinder naturally-aspirated 103 bhp petrol engine and a four-wheel-drive system as standard.

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