Can the Suzuki Jimny be a family car? Owner explains after 18 month ownership [Video]

Suzuki had launched the fourth generation Jimny SUV in the international  market and has become popular among buyers. It is so popular that Jimny now has a long waiting period in some countries. Many have already bought this car and have started modifying it to match their personal preference. Earlier this year at the Auto Expo, Maruti Suzuki had displayed the new Jimny at the expo for the first time. Here we have a video that explains the ownership experience of the all-new Jimny.

The video has been uploaded by CarPervert youtube channel. The car in the has completed 18 months and belongs to a well known TV personality Jonny Smith who is an auto journalist and was one of the presenter on Fifth gear show on BBC. In video he mentions that he had bought the first Jimny in the country and was a present to his wife on Christmas.

They have couple of other cars in the garage but they wanted Jimny because of the place where they were living. Jonny mentions that they live in a country side where the roads are uneven and narrow and filled with dust. It was because of these reason that they were looking for a small SUV. The video then explains the all the pros and cons that came out in 18 months of ownership. First is the fat that it is a small car and they have been using it as a family car. The rear seat in Jimny according to the video is only suitable for children.

Can the Suzuki Jimny be a family car? Owner explains after 18 month ownership [Video]

One the rear seats are up the car is only left with 85 litres of boot space which means it is difficult to accommodate luggage. In order solve that problem, the owner had installed a roof mounted luggage rack. There is also an aftermarket box in boot to put in small items. The Jimny does not have a very powerful engine. It is powered by a 1.5 litre petrol engine that generates 101 PS and 130 Nm of torque. The engine is pretty refined and the owner was very impressed with the servicing part as well.

Apart from some minor problems, the family was very impressed with the car overall and are using it as their daily drive. Maruti Suzuki had plans to manufacture Jimny in India later this year only to be exported but, the ongoing situation in the country has put a stop on operations of all the car manufactrers in the country. Currently the Jimny is manufactured in Japan only. Once the situation improves we hope that Maruti Suzuki will start manufacturing Jimny here and will also launch it in India in couple of years.


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