Suzuki Jimny modified to look like Mercedes G63 Brabus 800 looks HOT

Suzuki Jimny is a very popular compact SUV in the international market. It is so popular that Suzuki is not even able to meet the demand for this SUV. This is the fourth generation Jimny that Suzuki is selling and the same model was showcased to public here at the Auto Expo earlier this year. Maruti even has plans to manufacture Jimny here in India for international market. Within a very short span of time, Jimny became popular among customers and a lot of modified examples can also be seen on the internet. Here we have one such modified Suzuki Jimny that has been modified to look like a Brabus modified Mercedes-Benz G63 luxury SUV.

The video has been Supercar Blondie on her youtube channel. The video starts by showing an SUV that looks Brabus modified G-Wagen. It feels all normal until it is parked right along with the original G-Wagen. The sheer size of the original G63 Brabus 800 SUV helps give a clear picture on how small this modified Suzuki Jimny inspired from Brabus actually is.

The modifier has done a very good job trying to recreate a Brabus like modification for Jimny. They have paid attention to details and given Jimny a black carbon fibre like hood scoop, redesigned grille with Brabus logo, headlights and turn indicators on the hood just like G-Wagen. The bumper, both at the front and the rear has also been replaced with a Mercedes-like unit.

Suzuki Jimny modified to look like Mercedes G63 Brabus 800 looks HOT

The side profile of the car shows a sporty looking alloy wheels, blacked out ORVMs with turn indicators, Mercedes-Benz like shoulder line and on the top it has LED strips placed inside faux carbon fibre case. The exhaust on this Jimny has been re-routed and are designed like the one seen in Mercedes. It even has a grunty exhaust note.

Rear gets, LED tail lamps, spoiler and even the fake 800 badging which represents 800 Bhp in original Brabus G-Wagen. The interior on this car has has aslo been heavily re-upholstered to look like a Brabus edition. The interiors get orange-ish shade with hints or faux carbon fibre like  material at places.  The engine on this Jimny remains untouched and is still powered by a 1.5 litre naturally aspirated petrol engine generating 101 Bhp and 130 Nm of torque. An option to add turbocharged petrol engine is also available for Jimny. The G-Wagen inspired Jimny is a great example of how a properly modified Suzuki Jimny might look like.

Maruti Suzuki plans to launch the Jimny off roader in India. However, the Jimny that will be sold in India will be a long wheelbase, 5 door version. Maruti Suzuki will build the 3 door version of the off roader as well, but it’ll be meant primarily for export markets. The five door Jimny is expected to arrive here sometime in 2022. The 3 door version has already been spied testing on Indian roads though.

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