Suzuki launches special edition motorcycles

Suzuki Motorcycles India has launched two new special edition motorcycles. The two new products are Gixxer SF SP and Gixxer SP. The launch comes after the recent launch of the Suzuki Gixxer ABS, which gets single-channel ABS. The Gixxer SF SP with ABS and FI is priced at Rs. 99,312 while the Gixxer SP gets a price tag of Rs. 81,175 (both prices ex-showroom, Delhi).

Suzuki launches special edition motorcycles

Both the motorcycles get striking tri colour paint scheme. The contrasting black and red colours add a lot of flair to the motorcycles. Both the motorcycles also get aggressive new body graphics. To make them distinctive from the regular models, Suzuki has added a new monogram for the special edition bikes.

Announcing the launch, Mr Sajeev Rajasekharan, EVP, Sales and Marketing, SMIPL said,

“We are pleased to announce the latest Special Edition variants of the Gixxer SF, with ABS and FI; and Gixxer. As a brand, Suzuki embodies excitement, sportiness and the spirit of youthfulness. The Gixxer SP 2017 Series exudes these attributes perfectly, while also injecting fresh excitement and thrill into the successful and popular Gixxer motorcycles portfolio. The SP editions stay committed to our promise of offering riders a blend of exceptional performance, sporty looks, and a pride of ownership.”

Mechanically, the motorcycles remain same. Both the motorcycles are powered by 154.9cc single-cylinder air-cooled engine that generates a maximum power of 14.5 Bhp at 8,000 rpm and the torque peaks at 14 Nm at 6,000 rpm. Only the fully faired SF version gets the Fuel Injection and ABS.

Suzuki launches special edition motorcycles

Suzuki has no plans to launching the ABS version Gixxer in the near future. The company also did not furnish any plans of launching higher capacity motorcycles in the above 200cc segment in India. Incidentally, Yamaha is readying their new fully-faired motorcycle based on the FZ25 but Suzuki has no such plans of entering the segment as of now.

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