Suzuki Swift Sport NAILS the ‘moose test’: Earns fulsome praise [Video]

The Suzuki Swift Sport is the sportiest car sold by the Japanese automaker in many parts of the world, including many right-hand drive markets. While there’s been constant talk of Maruti launching the Swift Sport in India, official word is yet to arrive. Meanwhile, the sporty hatchback was put to the challenging ‘moose test’, which tests the car for its stability under emergency direction changes. The Suzuki Swift Sport nailed the moose test and earned praise from the testers, who noted that the car’s steering was responsive and that the hatchback managed to maintain stability during the test. Here’s a video showing the Suzuki Swift Sport taking the moose test.

As shown in the video, the Swift Sport hits the cone at 77 Kmph (the regulation speed at which this test is conducted). The driver of the car has just gotten into the Swift after driving a Ford Fiesta ST, which has a much heavier steering. This change in steering effort – from heavy to light – results in the driver under correcting, and this is the reason why the Swift Sport hits the cones. However, the car did manage to be quite controllable, says the driver. In subsequent tests, after the driver has gotten used to the lightness of the steering and the overall feel, the Swift Sport manages to easily clear the moose test at 77 Kmph.

At higher speeds though, the car does hit the cones, while being quite controllable, which is the most important parameter tested during the moose test. Even on the slalom course, the Swift Sport does an admirable job but there’s more body roll in the car than the Ford Fiesta ST, which seems to be the reviewers’ benchmark for handling.

Suzuki Swift Sport Moose Test

The Swift Sport sold internationally is powered by a 1.4-litre 4-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine with 140 Bhp-230 Nm. Six-speed manual and torque converter automatic gearboxes are on offer. The car gets stiffer suspension and stylistic tweaks to differentiate it from the regular variants of the Swift.

Could the Suzuki Swift come to India, through Maruti’s good graces? We have our doubts. In general, Maruti Suzuki prefers to sell reasonably high volume cars, and the sales performance of hot hatches in India has not been anything to write home about. We have the same doubts about the possible arrival of the Suzuki Jimny – while we would love to see here (even if in the long wheelbase form). However, the big numbers that Maruti aims for are just not there.

Via KM77