Suzuki Swift Sport with KUHL Racing kit should give you major modification goals

The Suzuki Swift Sport has been a fun car across three generations of the badge being in production. The 3rd generation version, based on the same HEARTECT platform that the regular Maruti Swift sits on, is no different. KUHL Racing of Japan has given a Suzuki Swift Sport an added dose of sportiness. The results are electrifying, to say the least. This car looks real fast even while standing still. Check the pictures out.

Suzuki Swift Sport Kuhl Racing 1

And it’s not about the looks alone. The body kit from KUHL Racing is actually designed to improve the aerodynamics of the Suzuki Swift Sport, making it a faster, nimbler car. The slew of changes on the sporty hatchback include a totally revamped front bumper with a massive splitter and winglets for aerodynamic improvements, side skirts and a reprofiled rear bumper with a large diffuser.

Other visual changes on the car include partially wrapped headlamps, custom alloy wheels, wider tyres and a faux carbon fiber housing for the tail pipe. The car sits lower to the ground than stock and this is expected to make it a much sharper car around the bends. The engine and gearbox have been left untouched though.

Suzuki Swift Sport Kuhl Racing 2

What this means is, this car is powered by the 1.4 litre K-Series turbocharged petrol engine that pumps out 140 Bhp and 230 Nm. The rev-happy motor is offered with two transmission options – a 6 speed manual and a 6 speed torque converter automatic. A front wheel drive layout is standard.

Suzuki Swift Sport Kuhl Racing 3

Although there was some talk about Maruti Suzuki bringing in the latest-generation Swift Sport to the Indian market and selling it as a halo car in its hatchback range, officials at the company have now denied these rumours. With that, hot hatchback enthusiasts in India will have to continue seeking fast cars from the likes of Volkswagen, Ford and Fiat. The only performance-focused car that Maruti currently sells in India is the Baleno RS, which is powered by a 1 litre, 101 Bhp turbo petrol engine.