Swiggy delivery boy has a puncture: Biker lends KTM RC390 to help him complete delivery

Recently a massive saga surrounding Zomato delivery boy getting later unfolded in Bengaluru, Karnataka. Since these online food delivery platforms are quite popular in major Indian cities, many users use this app to get food around the clock at their convenience, especially late at night. Here is a video that shows a Swiggy delivery boy stuck on the roads because he punctured the bike. Someone gave him a KTM RC390 to save his job and the day.

The incident happened late at night and the vlog is uploaded to the official channel – NCR Bikerz. The video starts by showing that the biker spots a person dragging his motorcycle on the road. Concerned by this view, the person stopped in front of the delivery boy and asked him what is wrong and why is he dragging his motorcycle. The delivery boy replied that his bike has a puncture and he has to deliver food nearby.

The person recording the video through his helmet-mounted camera first asked him to sit on the tank and ride the bike. However, when he got to know that the delivery boy is on duty and has to deliver the food, he instantly offered his motorcycle to him. The Swiggy delivery boy did say no at first and said that he does not want to bother anyone. However, the KTM RC owner insisted he takes the bike to deliver the food.

After persuasion, the Swiggy delivery boy took the KTM while the owner of the bike offered him more help by getting his motorcycle fixed. While the delivery boy left the spot to deliver the food, the owner of the KTM along with his friend went to a fuel pump nearby to get the motorcycle puncture fixed.

Fixed the puncture

During the puncture repair, they told him that the tube of the tyre is at its end of life and should be changed. The owner of the KTM did not hesitate and asked him to put in a new tube. He also paid online to the puncture repair shop. After a few minutes, the delivery boy arrived at the fuel pump too. He showed his gratitude to the KTM owner. On getting to know that he has paid for the puncture repair and the new tube, the delivery boy asks him to take his money. However, the owner of the KTM replied that they deliver food at night and he would not take anything from him. Instead, he asked him to help anyone on the roads who require any kind of help.

The video shows that you can help anyone on the roads by taking out little time. This is not the first time that this person has helped someone on the roads and highways. He puts regular videos to encourage others to help fellow motorists on the roads. He also helps by making way for ambulances and other emergency vehicles on the roads.