Swiggy identifies the horse rider; He is not an employee

A few days ago we saw the viral video of a horse rider carrying a bag of Swiggy delivery. Everyone on the Internet including Swiggy became quite inquisitive about the man riding the horse and launched a search on social media. Swiggy has updated that they have identified the man and he is not even an employee or delivery partner of Swiggy.

In a post on Twitter, the Swiggy team said that they identified the man as Sushant. He is 17 years old and is not a Swiggy delivery executive. He borrowed the Swiggy bag from his friend but forgot to return it. He started using the bag as his own.

Sushant currently works in a horse stable in Mumbai. He is a horse courtier or someone who takes care of the dresses that horses wear for wedding processions. The name of the horse is Shiva.

Swiggy also revealed that Sushanta was carrying embroidered drapes & accessories that are put on the horses to prepare them for the wedding processions.

The company also revealed that the man who shot the video is identified as Avi. He and his friend claimed the bounty of 5000 Swiggy Money. Sushant, who is a horse rider received a brand-new smartphone since he did not have one. Interestingly, Swiggy and many Internet users went bonkers after the video of the man on the horse became viral.

Swiggy is looking for eco-friendly delivery options

Swiggy identifies the horse rider; He is not an employee

Swiggy clarified that even though they want to adopt more eco-friendly ways to deliver food, the conventional methods have not been replaced with mules and horses. Most Swiggy delivery partners use bicycles and motorcycles to deliver the food from the restaurant to the doorstep.

We also saw a few philanthropy incidents involving Swiggy delivery partners recently. Many people crowd-funded motorcycles for various delivery partners to make their life easier. But the man of the horse sure caught a lot of eyes and has become a mystery to the company itself.

Different transportation modes of Swiggy

Swiggy has a large network of delivery executives across India. They use various vehicles to deliver including bicycles, scooters, motorcycles and even wheelchairs.

Last year, a vlogger in a bid to gain more views used a Kawasaki Ninja H2 to deliver food for one day. While there is no logic behind using such high-end vehicles to deliver orders, many do it for the camera and to get views. In real life, one cannot sustain using high-performance vehicles daily for deliveries regularly.

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