Swiggy hunts for the man who used a horse to deliver food during Mumbai rains [Video]

A few days ago, a horserider with a Swiggy backpack became viral on the Internet. The man was spotted riding on a white horse on the flooded roads of Mumbai. Swiggy has now urged people to identify the man riding the horse.

The unidentified man was spotted on the roads of Mumbai recently and the video became viral on the Internet. The man gained popularity on social media platforms. Many users appreciated the man for using the horse to deliver food even during the rain.

Swiggy took to Twitter asking for help to identify the man on the horse. The delivery platform also appreciated the unexpected publicity. However, the name of the delivery agent still remains unknown.

After asking for help to identify the man on the horse, Swiggy also announced Rs 5,000 Swiggy Money for the first person who will give useful intel about the accident brand ambassador. Swiggy wants to thank the man, it further said on the Tweet.

Unconventional delivery methods

Swiggy hunts for the man who used a horse to deliver food during Mumbai rains [Video]

Last year, a vlogger in a bid to gain more views used a Kawasaki Ninja H2 to deliver food for one day. While there is no logic behind using such high-end vehicles to deliver orders, many do it for the camera and to get views. In real life, one cannot sustain using high-performance vehicles daily for deliveries regularly.

In fact, using such high-performance machines on heavily congested Indian roads can cause more harm than good. That is why most people use the simplest form to deliver orders in India and mass-segment bikes and automatic scooters are the first choices. Many also use bicycles too.

In the congested city areas where these apps are most popular, using high-end vehicles is not practical and wise. Yes, they do great for the view counter on the videos but otherwise, they are not useful at all.

Swiggy wants to use eco-friendly methods

Swiggy clarified that even though they want to adopt more eco-friendly ways to deliver food, the conventional methods have not been replaced with mules and horses. Most Swiggy delivery partners use bicycles and motorcycles to deliver the food from the restaurant to the doorstep.

We also saw a few philanthropy incidents involving Swiggy delivery partners recently. Many people crowd-funded motorcycles for various delivery partners to make their life easier. But the man of the horse sure caught a lot of eyes and has become a mystery to the company itself.

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