SX4 diesel or Ford Fiesta Classic diesel?

The Ford Fiesta Classic and the Maruti Suzuki SX4 diesel – both launched this year – are two intriguing cars launched this year.

The Fiesta Classic is the reincarnation of the Fiesta which has been around for a while – now in a low-cost avatar. It is priced between 5.49 lakh – Rs 6.89 ex-showroom Delhi. The Maruti SX4 diesel, on the other hand, is the familiar SX4, now available with a Fiat 1.3 litre multijet diesel engine. The car was launched in February, and it has already managed to take the no.2 spot in its segment (Volkswagen Vento is no.1) pushing the till-now popular Honda City into the no.3 spot.

Which of the two is the ideal car for you? Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Here is what our CarToq Facebook community member, Gerard Gonsalves, has to say about the two cars.

Maruti Suzuki SX4
Looks Underpowered engine. It’s just 1.3L. I know it emits 90 bhp, so the pick-up is excellent. But once you cross 120 kmph, it loses out.
Fairly new product Handling needs a lot to be desired
Macho stance Quality of the dash can be improved
Unparalleled ground clearance In-built HU is horrible. It’s a Nippon unit. Come on, it’s almost Rs 10 lakh car. They should provide a Kenwood HU in it.
Great service network It is overpriced
Very comfy seats
Ford Fiesta Classic TDCi
Great handling Relatively expensive to maintain
Good interiors Fairly old product…nice car is well on its way, so the value of this car will depreciate fast.
Very well priced Exterior looks pretty bland

Do you agree with Gerard? Share your thoughts, comments and opinion on the two cars below.