Taarzan the Wonder Car is getting restored to its glory [Video]

Remember the iconic ‘Taarzan – the wonder car’ from the Bollywood flick of the same name from the early 21st century? While the movie was not a great success, the main protagonist of the movie, the ‘Taarzan’ car, gained an immense amount of popularity for its eye-catching design. Not long ago, the ‘Taarzan’ was spotted rotting on the side of a road in Mumbai, the sight of which broke the hearts of many people. However, a recent development around the car might bring some relief to those people, as the ‘Taarzan’ is finally under the process of restoration.

Recently, a YouTube video showcasing the restoration process of ‘Taarzan’ went viral, in which we can see that the car is being restored to its original. The entire restoration work is being carried out by Navi Mumbai-based independent garage named International Auto & Engineering Works, owned by Mr Kiranpal Singh Kalsi.

In the video, we can see that the entire exterior of the body of ‘Taarzan’ is being restored, with the garage owner applying putty throughout the body. Applying putty is a basic procedure, which is followed before applying a fresh coat of paint on the car’s body.

The car is being revived from the dead with a complete restoration of the exterior, interior, engine, and other chassis components like suspension, brakes, and wheels. A few clips within the video also show that the wiring inside the car, dashboard, and engine components are being checked.

DC Design Taarzan

The purple-coloured Taarzan was originally designed by renowned car designer and owner of DC Designs, Mr Dilip Chhabria, for the movie. Underneath the fancy-looking exterior, which still has got the potential of being a head-turner, the Taarzan is a Toyota MR2 that has a rear-mounted 2.0-litre petrol engine.

After the completion of the movie, the car was put on sale for an astronomically high price tag of Rs 2 crore. For this amount, which was too high for a car that was bare-basic on the inside, the car was left unsold. The price further dropped down to Rs 35 lakh, but even after the massive price cut, the car found no takers. The ‘Taarzan’ finally ended up decaying on the side of a busy street in Mumbai.

The news of ‘Taarzan’ being restored in its original state came out in 2017, but even in these last five years, not much was known about the state of development. In between, the COVID-19 outbreak might have caused a further delay in the restoration process. However, this recent video is a good sign indicating the positive development around the restoration of ‘Taarzan’.