Taarzan the wonder car reborn! Is it real?

Many people, especially the ‘90s kids, have fond memories of ‘Tarzan – the wonder car’, a Bollywood movie which came in the early 2000s featuring a spirited supercar. The star of the movie, ‘Tarzan’, gained a lot of fame among youngsters and kids, due to its funky design and its cool functions, most of which were created using CGI effects. While the car is said to be undergoing a massive restoration process, we have come across a cool video which shows how the car will look, once it comes back to life.

In a YouTube video uploaded by NSP EZ, we can see a digital rendering of ‘Tarzan’, which is moving fast over a cantilever bridge constructed over a sea, all of which seems loosely inspired by the Bandra-Worli Sea Link in Mumbai. In the video, the ‘Tarzan’ is moving at a high speed, with the camera angle giving a full 180-degree view of the speeding car.

The vision of the digital rendering of ‘Tarzan’ is completely similar to the original car, which was shown in the Bollywood movie in 2003. Like the original car, which was designed by renowned car designer Dilip Chhabria, this digital rendering also has a two-door design with two long silver-coloured bars stretching towards its rear fender from the upper and lower edges of the door.

Other highlights of the original car, such as rectangular exhaust ports with a silver surround, a curved rear windscreen, a boot-mounted rear spoiler, clear lens tail lamps, door-mounted rearview mirrors, projector headlamps and a large air dam on the front bumper. The Lamborghini-inspired design of the ‘Tarzan’ was perceived as a cool thing back in those times when the movie got released in 2003.

Tarzaan is being restored

Taarzan the wonder car reborn! Is it real?

Recently, a YouTube video showcasing the restoration process of ‘Taarzan’ went viral, in which we can see that the car is being restored to its original. The entire restoration work is being carried out by Navi Mumbai-based independent garage named International Auto & Engineering Works, owned by Mr Kiranpal Singh Kalsi.

While the ‘Tarzan – the wonder car’ did not hit the popularity charts at the box office, the car featured in this movie became immensely popular for its cool looks. It was even sold off in a much-talked-about auction for an astronomical amount. However, more than a decade later, the ‘Tarzan’ was spotted rotting on a footpath in Mumbai. The condition of the car looked like it was abandoned by its owner, and was rotting rapidly with layers of dust and rust all over it.

The pictures and videos of ‘Tarzan’ in such a poor condition soon went viral on social media platforms, which once again brought attention towards it after many years. Soon, an independent garage in Mumbai took the responsibility of restoring the ‘Tarzan’ in its original condition, with the restoration work already going on in a full swing.

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