Taarzan Wonder Car Is Back On The Road: New Video

Taarzan car on the road

Remember the car from the Bollywood movie Taarzan: The Wonder Car? It was a movie about a custom-built sports car that was possessed by the spirit of its creator. When the movie was released, the car caught the attention of many enthusiasts and became the dream car for many at that time. However, the car was neglected after the movie’s release and was left to rot on the roadside for several reasons. Recently, this car was restored by a workshopRecently, this car was restored by a workshop, and we now have a video showing it being driven on the road.

The video has been shared by International Auto Engineering Works on their YouTube channel. In this short online video, we see the Taarzan car in its former glory. The custom-made sports car has been completely restored and looks as good as it did in the movie.

In 2022, a Mumbai workshop decided to restore this much-loved Bollywood movie carMumbai workshop decided to restore this much-loved Bollywood movie car. Since then, the workshop – International Auto & Engineering Works – has been posting updates about the progress on their YouTube channel. In the new video, we see the car after restoration. It is parked on a ramp at the workshop, and a person starts the car and takes it for a short spin.

The car has been extensively worked on, and the quality of the work done looks impressive. The sporty exhaust note can also be heard in this video. This was a challenging project for the workshop as the car was never produced in multiple numbers; there was only one example of this car available.

Finding parts was a challenge, and it is assumed that the workshop had to fabricate some of them themselves. In an older video posted by the workshop, we saw how the car was completely stripped down so that they could rebuild it from scratch. For those who don’t know, the Taarzan car is actually based on a Toyota MR2 sports car, a popular rear-engine sports car from the 1980s.

Taarzan Wonder Car Is Back On The Road: New Video
Taarzan car on the road

The car was specifically designed for the movie by renowned Indian car designer Dilip Chhabria. When DC designed this car, he had plans to sell it at auction. He had this plan because there are collectors around the world who love to buy movie props for their exclusivity. This car made things more interesting.

However, what was not interesting was the pricing. DC got ambitious and put the car up for auction with a price tag of Rs 2 crore. While this was definitely a one-of-a-kind car, people who were aware of the project knew that it was essentially a Toyota MR2 underneath. Rs 2 crore was a huge amount for a Toyota MR2, which demotivated most of the prospective buyers.

When DC realized that this was not going to work in their favor, they lowered the price of the car. The new price was Rs 35 lakh, but by this time, the hype for the car had diminished, and once again, the car failed to find a buyer.

DC finally abandoned the car on the streets of Mumbai, where it was picked up by the workshop for restoration. We have several other videos available on our website where you can see the restoration process in detail.