‘Taarzan’ Wonder Car finally located; MEGA transformation plans underway!

Remember ‘Taarzan the Wonder Car’? Yes, we’re talking about the same Ajay Devgn-starrer that showed a really old, rotting vintage car being modified into something really cool and racy. Well, the ‘wonder car’ shown in the movie was actually a modified second-generation Toyota MR2 that was done up by none other than Dilip Chhabria, our desi car design guru. Of course, this wonder car excited everyone and even went on sale after the movie was released. However, no one was willing to pay a hefty Rs 2 crore for a car that was essentially an old sportscar without even a properly crash-tested body.

Soon, the price was dropped to a much more affordable Rs 35 lakh. However, the Wonder Car didn’t find any takers at all. Back in late 2017, we got to know that the car is in a shabby condition and is rotting somewhere in Mumbai. However, a new video that came online last month states that the car has finally been acquired by someone and is in the process of going through a massive makeover. Of course, the new owner bought this car at its scrap value. However, the video claims that the Wonder Car will soon look like a modern-day Lamborghini! Well, we’ll want to take it with a pinch of salt but we are happy that the abandoned car has finally found a new owner.

The video states that this car is currently undergoing restoration as well as modification work in one of the two garages in GTB Nagar, Mumbai. You can also see a mechanic scrapping off the existing paint on the car. So, basically, a car that started life as a rotting old vehicle (at least in the fictional world) is finally getting another makeover in the real world. Underneath the bold exterior from Dilip Chhabria is likely to be the same 2-liter turbocharged petrol engine that powered the MR2. In its stock condition, the engine can produce up to 218 bhp, which isn’t at all bad for a lightweight two-seater sportscar. The motor came mated to a four-speed automatic transmission. Like we said, we’re happy that the ‘Taarzan Wonder Car’ is about to get a new lease of life. Let’s just hope that the new exterior looks at least as dramatic as the one by DC.