Taarzan – The Wonder Car Restoration Completed: Interior And Exterior Walkaround [Video]

Finally, after months of waiting, the iconic movie car, “Taarzan – The Wonder Car,” has finally been restored. This beloved movie car, which was abandoned a few years after the release of the movie, has now returned to its former glory. The shop owner who meticulously restored it has now shared its video after completion. Now, before going ahead, it has been strictly notified by the shop owner that he will NOT be selling this car.

Taarzan – The Wonder Car: Interior and Walkaround

The video walkaround of the exterior and interior of the Taarzan – The Wonder Car has come courtesy of International Auto & Engg Works. It starts off with the owner of the shop showing the interior of the car. He mentions that currently he is finishing up the wiring work of the car before showing the complete interior and exterior of the car.

The owner makes a huge announcement. He states that he requests all of the viewers not to call him to ask if he is going to sell the car. He emphasized that he is not interested in selling the car. He also requested people not to comment regarding the sale as well. Next up, the cameraman shows the interior of the car.

As shown in one of the previous videos that we have also shared here on Cartoq, the owner was seen painting the dashboard of the car. Now this dashboard has been installed in the car as noted in the new video. Along with it, we can note that the instrument gauge cluster has also been installed.

Unlike normal cars, the speedometer, tachometer, and other gauges are in the middle. We can also note the air conditioning vents with black surrounds have also been installed. The controls for the air conditioner are in the middle of the middle AC vents.

We can also note that the owner was working on the wiring in the center console. Most likely, he was fixing the air conditioning system of the car. Apart from this, it can be seen that all the carpets and even the headliner have also been installed.

Additionally, both seats have also been fitted in the car. The entire interior has a theme of silver, blue, and black. The seatbacks seem to have not been replaced; however, they might be repainted in the upcoming videos. We can also note that the steering wheel is also not from the original car.

Exterior walkaround

Following the interior, the cameraman shows the complete exterior of the car. He even shows the interior of the car from the rear window. The entire car has been painted in the same purple shade as the movie. It has also been given the same silver color for the wheels as well.

Is it driving?

The owner later in the video mentions that currently the engine has been revived. He adds that in the coming video he will be taking the car for a test ride. Apart from this, we can note that a few more finishing touches are left to be done. But for the most part, it has been completed.

History of this car

As we have mentioned in the past, this car was abandoned after the shoot of the movie. What happened was that this particular car was put up for auction. However, due to an astronomical ask of Rs 2 crore by DC, it was passed up by the collector.

Collectors knew that it was just a modified Toyota MR2. Hence, no collector wanted to pay such a huge price. The price was then later reduced to Rs 35 lakhs. However, still no buyers showed up for this car. It was then abandoned, and it ended on the side of Mumbai streets.

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