‘Taarzan The Wonder Car’ Has Finally Been Restored: First Look On Video

Everyone who grew up during the 2000s would remember the movie Taarzan – The Wonder Car. The movie was about a custom-built sports car possessed by a spirit. The car used in the movie became instantly popular and was the dream car for many back then. Many might already know that the car used in the movie was actually designed by renowned Indian car designer Dilip Chhabria. The car was abandoned for various reasons after the launch of the movie, and we have seen images of the car rotting on the roadside. Happy times for the Tarzaan Wonder Car are here again though.

Back in 2017, we found that Taarzan was in bad shape, abandoned on a Mumbai street. In 2022, a Mumbai workshop decided to restore this much-loved Bollywood movie car. Since then, the workshop – International Auto & Engineering Works – has been posting updates about the progress on their Youtube channel. We have featured the status of the restoration several times in the past.

However, recently, we came across the good news – the car is finally restored, and some early photos are uploaded to a Youtube slideshow. You can see it above. This is definitely great news because the Taarzan car was one of a kind, specifically made for the movie. DC never made it available to the general public.

The video shared by Kiranpal Singh Kalsi shows the finished product. We also have a video of the same car on Instagram and YouTube. The video shows Taarzan parked in a garage with two kids standing right next to it.

The car looks just like it did in the movie. In an older video, we saw the car getting repainted, and in this new clip, it is clear that the owner went with the original violet shade.

All the interior panels, seats, dashboard, and steering wheel were stripped and redone. It even has the same alloy wheels. DC is known for customizing both the exterior and interior of cars. The exterior design of many DC-designed cars and SUVs looks odd, but the Taarzan was an exception.

The car looks neat, and we feel it was one of the best-looking cars from DC. For those who don’t know, the Taarzan car is actually based on a Toyota MR2 sports car, a popular rear-engine sports car from the 1980s.

Taarzan car restored

It is not clear whether the car is using the same engine as the original Taarzan car or if the workshop made any changes or swapped it with a different unit. The reason this car was dumped on the roadside, as mentioned above, was the steep pricing. According to many reports, after the shoot of the movie Taarzan – The Wonder Car was over, this particular car was put up for auction.

There are collectors of movie props, and there are times when people pay huge amounts for such items. DC also had a similar plan, and they put the car up for auction with a price tag of Rs 2 crore. However, people interested in cars knew that it was nothing but a modified Toyota MR2, which demotivated them from paying such a huge price.

When the car had no takers, the price was reduced to Rs 35 lakh, and even then it went unsold and was abandoned in the streets of Mumbai. We are really happy that the car got restored and we hope to see more content around this car online soon.

We are still not sure if the car is in running condition – we will  have to wait for more videos for that! Even the latest video is a quickly shot set of photos, so let’s now wait for some moving shots of the car.

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