Tailgating Toyota Fortuner causes slow speed accident with auto, bikes and Volkswagen Virtus GT [Video]

Driving on Indian roads is always a task that requires massive amounts of concentration and alertness. Anything can happen, anytime! If you have a vehicle in front of you, always maintain a safe distance and never follow him blindly. Tailgating – the practice of following the vehicles in front of you with very little gap – is very common in India, and there have been numerous accidents where tailgating was the culprit. Here we have one such video from Kerala that shows how dangerous tailgating is even at low speeds. Here, a Toyota Fortuner driver crashes into an autorickshaw, 2 bikes and a Volkswagen Virtus at slow speed.

The whole incident was recorded in the dashcam installed on the rear windshield of Volkswagen Virtus GT sedan. In this video, the sedan is being driven on narrow roads of Kerala. Right behind the Virtus is the Toyota Fortuner that caused the accident. A few seconds after the video starts, the Virtus driver overtakes an auto in front of it. The autorickshaw is now between the Fortuner and the Virtus GT. The video shows the speed at which the Virtus was being driven on the road and it was just over 30 kmph. This is a very safe speed within city limits, especially when there is traffic on narrow roads.

The video was recorded on a 70mai A800S Dual Vision True 4K Dash Cam with front and rear cameras.

After covering some more distance, a motorcycle and scooter overtake the autorickshaw and they are all now between the Toyota Fortuner and the Volkswagen Virtus. Just after a slight curve, the Volkswagen driver slows down and stops the car. Both motorcycle and the scooter riders also stop, and so does the autorickshaw. The Toyota Fortuner driver however, could not stop and he crashes into the autorickshaw from the rear. The autorickshaw is driven forward by the force of the crash, and it jerks forward and hits the scooter and the motorcycle. In a chain reaction, the Fortuner hits the auto, the auto hits the bikers and bikers crash into the rear of Volkswagen Virtus GT.

Tailgating Toyota Fortuner causes slow speed accident with auto, bikes and Volkswagen Virtus GT [Video]

The bikers fell on the road and thankfully, there were no other vehicles on the opposite lane. Locals gathered and they picked up the riders and the bike. All vehicles parked on the road side to assess the damage. The auto driver can be seen getting out from the Fortuner to check the damage. Similarly, the Virtus driver is also seen moving to the side of the road to park.  Everyone involved in the accident escaped without any injuries. The pictures show that the rear bumper of the Volkswagen Virtus got damaged as the both the bikes fell on each side of the car.

Tailgating Toyota Fortuner causes slow speed accident with auto, bikes and Volkswagen Virtus GT [Video]

The tail light has also cracked. In this case, the fault completely lies on the Fortuner driver. He was tailgating the auto rickshaw and was not perhaps not alert enough. Even if he were alert, the gap he maintained was just not enough to stop in time. If he had maintained sufficient gap with the auto rickshaw, he would have had sufficient time to slow down and avoid the crash. This video is a good example of why one must not tailgate vehicle in the front.