Take a look at this highly modified Hyundai Verna – Looks menacing [Video]

The mid-size sedan Verna from the South Korean automotive giant Hyundai Motor India has consistently remained one of the top-selling cars in the country. This model has maintained its popularity ever since its launch, and the latest iteration of this sedan was recently released. The car has become quite popular amongst automotive enthusiasts in the country, and people have been modifying it for a while now. Recently, a video of one of the cleanest and meanest-looking Hyundai Verna’s has been shared online.

JJ Automobile Vlogs shared the video of this menacing-looking previous generation Hyundai Verna on their YouTube channel. The video starts with the presenter introducing the Verna and its owner. He then asks the owner about the model year and variant of the car. The owner of the car replies that he bought it back in 2021 and that it is the SX(O) top-spec variant of the Verna. He added that it cost him around Rs 17.50 at the time, and it is the diesel automatic variant of the car. The presenter then asks him about the overall expenditure on all the mods to date, to which he replies that it has cost him another Rs 3.50-4 lakh for all the mods.

After the complete introduction, the presenter first shows the front fascia of the modified Verna and mentions that the front of the car looks extremely aggressive and menacing. He points out that the list of modifications on the front includes an RS-style grille, which was the first to ever be installed in a Verna in the country. He also added that the car has been equipped with a front splitter and a custom-made bonnet. The owner of the vehicle mentioned that he had bought a used bonnet, customized it, and has the original bonnet with him at home. He added that the fog lights have been replaced with LED projector lights as well.

Take a look at this highly modified Hyundai Verna – Looks menacing [Video]

Moving on, the presenter shows the car from the side and states that the car looks equally aggressive from the side. He mentions that the main highlight of the side profile of this car are the 17-inch alloy wheels. The owner of the car then adds that he has used Yokohama tires with the aftermarket wheels, and this combination provides a ride that is similar to the stock car. Furthermore, the owner of the vehicle added that he has also added custom-made side sills and BMW M3 inspired mirror caps as well.

The presenter and the owner then show the rear end of the car, and the presenter mentions that the owner has added a few more mods to the rear end to tie the car together. He mentions that a rear diffuser has been added along with the blackout of all the badges. He further adds that the car also gets a universal spoiler that has been stuck on with 3M tape. The car also has a lip spoiler as well.

Following the exterior, the presenter then shows the interior of the car and mentions that it has also received a ton of upgrades on the interior as well. He mentions that the car gets custom ambient lighting that can be controlled via an app. Additionally, the car also gets a full audio upgrade with 4 high-end speakers on the doors, two 500 ms woofers in the rear, and two amplifiers. The owner also mentions that the roof liner on the car has also been updated with black velvet.