Taking a Tata Nexon EV off the road: Can it manage sand driving? [Video]

Electric vehicles are gaining popularity around the world. In four wheelers, Tata Nexon EV is the most popular electric SUV in the country. It is the best seller in the segment and it can now be easily spotted on our roads as well. There are several positive and negative ownership experience videos from Nexon EV owners available online. Many have started taking the Nexon EV on long road trips and videos related to that is also available on the internet. Here we have a different video where a Nexon EV owner attempts to take Nexon EV off the road. How did it go? let’s have a look at the video.

The video has been uploaded  by MotorZone on their YouTube channel. In this video, vlogger and his friends were attempting to do sand dune bashing or off-road on Tata Nexon EV. The vlogger was driving to an off-road camp where a group of 4×4 owners were doing off-road in the desert. The vlogger drives the Nexon EV with his friends to the sand dunes. The approach road towards the camp was also filled with sand but, there were proper tracks and the soil has hardened over time. So, Tata Nexon EV did not face any problems at this spot.

The vlogger kept on driving the SUV to the camp and suddenly, the surface changed. The tracks were still there but, they now started encountering sand. The driver managed to cross some section without much problem but, the Nexon EV eventually got stuck in the sand.

Thankfully, the SUV got stuck at a place where they got help from the off-roaders. Tata Nexon EV is a front wheel SUV and as the driver was trying to accelerate, the wheels kept on digging more into the sand. The wheels could not find any grip and the rear wheels were not doing anything as well.

Taking a Tata Nexon EV off the road: Can it manage sand driving? [Video]

The Nexon EV driver’s were not prepared for off-roading. They just wanted to check how far can the SUV actually go before getting stuck. The SUV had not even reached the proper track that the off-road group had created for 4x4s. As the SUV was not going anywhere, The tyres pressure on the Nexon EV was reduced in order to increase the contact with the surface. This trick helped and the Nexon EV started making some progress.

The SUV was stuck on a slope and as the SUV started moving, it started sliding to the bottom of the slope. The off-roaders asked him to go with the vehicle so that it does not get stuck. Driver did just that and the car smoothly went down. The car joined the hard track at the bottom and then the vlogger and his friends tuned back from that spot. We have mentioned several times on our website the importance of 4×4 or AWD while off-roading. The vehicle can perform better in off-road conditions if the power is equally being sent to all the wheels. In this case, Nexon only had power at the front wheels and that was not enough to pull the whole car through loose sand.