Talking on mobile phones while driving/riding: CANCEL driving license, says High Court

With the rising number of accidents on Indian roads, authorities are taking steps to bring down the numbers. The Rajasthan High Court has issued new directions to the Additional Police Commissioner of Jodhpur to cancel the driving license of people who are found using mobile phones while driving. The new ruling came on Friday and the cops of the state have already started implementing the new rule.

Talking on mobile phones while driving/riding: CANCEL driving license, says High Court


The rule was passed by the bench comprising Justice Gopal Krishan Vyas and Justice Ramchandra Singh Jhala. The new directive will ensure that drivers do not get distracted while driving because of mobile phones. However, the policemen would not be able to cancel the license on the spot. There will be a hearing and the accused will be given an opportunity to explain the use of mobile phones while driving.

The order came after the additional commissioner of police (traffic) told the court that there is a large number of people who use mobile phones while driving or riding. Using a phone while driving or riding is not permitted.

The court order read:

The State Government as well as Additional Police Commissioner-Traffic, Jodhpur are directed to ensure that no vehicle driver shall use mobile phone while driving the vehicles and if it is found that vehicles drivers are using mobile while plying the vehicles, then after obtaining their photographs and other credentials of such vehicles drivers, the same may be forwarded to the concerned R.T.O. for cancellation of driving licence of such erring person.

A recent accident that claimed the life of 13 students in Uttar Pradesh was caused because the driver of the school bus was talking on a mobile phone and did not see the train coming at an unmanned railway crossing. The collision between the train and the bus caused many to die. It may be noted that talking through Bluetooth devices is also not permitted while driving. But it is extremely difficult for cops to catch such people.

Via ET