Tamil actor Vijay fined by Chennai police for tints on Toyota Innova Crysta

South Indian movie star Thalapthy Vijay is known for his mega-successful movies. The actor, however, could not fend off the laws and was caught by the police while travelling in his Toyota Innova with tinted glass. Chennai traffic police have issued a challan of Rs 500 to the actor for flouting the norms.

The police caught the Innova with tinted glass, which has been spotted with the actor on multiple occasions. We are not sure if the police have removed the tints on the spot or have asked the actor to remove them safely.

In some cases, celebrities or people with special needs can take permission from the court to use the tints on their vehicles on the ground of privacy and safety. However, it seems most celebrity car owners do not take official permission and simply install the tints to bear the consequences later.

Window tints are not allowed

Tamil actor Vijay fined by Chennai police for tints on Toyota Innova Crysta

The tinted window rule is one of the most flouted rules in India. While the enforcement is quite strict in metropolitan cities like Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai, in many other cities, motorists continue to use tinted windows to save themselves from the sun. It should be noted that any kind of aftermarket tinted window is not allowed in Indian cars. This was done to ensure that the crimes happening inside the vehicle can be spotted by the bystanders easily.

It should be noted that no politician in India, including the Prime Minister of the country, can use such sirens and flashers on their vehicle. Politicians have been issued fines in the past for the same. However, this time, the cops in Patna did not issue any kind of fine for the illegal attachments on the roof of the vehicle. In India, only emergency vehicles like ambulances and official police cars have permission to use sirens and strobes.

Also, it should be noted that under the new MV Act, the police can fine government officials double the official amount set for the general public. This rule will ensure that people who are in an authoritative position do not break the rules and set an example for the common motorists using the public roads.

Telugu actor Allu Arjun’s Range Rover busted too

Earlier this year, another superstar Allu Arjun was busted for using tinted glasses on his Range Rover. During special operations, Hyderabad Police stopped the Range Rover of Allu Arjun and issued a challan of Rs 700 to the actor. The Hyderabad Police also removed the tints from the car on the spot.

Interestingly, the police also issue challans and remove any special stickers from the cars. These stickers include MLA stickers, fake stickers, special caste stickers and more such things.