Tamil Nadu CM M.K. Stalin’s new ride is a Land Rover Defender

The current chief minister of Tamil Nadu, Muthuvel Karunanidhi Stalin, popularly known as M.K. Stalin, has recently added a Land Rover Defender to his wide range of car collections. One of the most influential politicians in Southern India, Stalin has added a white-coloured Land Rover Defender.

Stalin was recently seen being driven in his Defender, which was in the middle of a convoy on the roads of Chennai. It is not clear whether Stalin has opted for the petrol or diesel avatar of the Defender. However, the Defender here is the 5-door version, which is expected to be the flagship variant of the SUV, the Defender 110.

Not many know this fact, but Stalin has a soft corner for big and premium SUVs. The Land Rover Defender is not the only luxury SUV in his garage, as he has some other notable SUVs like a white-coloured Range Rover and a black-coloured Lexus LX 470 in his collection.

Not the first politician to get a Defender in India

Tamil Nadu CM M.K. Stalin’s new ride is a Land Rover Defender

It is not the first time an Indian politician has opted for a Land Rover Defender as his daily ride. Only recently, the member of parliament from the Kanyakumari constituency, Mr Vijay Vasanth, also opted for a red-coloured Defender 110, which replaced his erstwhile Toyota Fortuner. Apart from being a politician, Vasanth is also a renowned businessman and has acted in many movies from the Tamil film industry.

The Land Rover Defender is a premium lifestyle luxury SUV that is a well-known vehicle for its prowess on off-road terrains while being a proper luxurious vehicle on the inside. The Defender is available in two body styles – a 3-door version (Defender 90) and a 5-door version (Defender 110). While the 3-door Defender 90 is preferred for its comparatively smaller size and unique three-door look, the 5-door Defender 110 is preferred by those who prefer practicality over the distinctiveness of the 3-door version.

There are three engine options on offer for the Land Rover Defender – two petrol-powered and one diesel-powered. The two petrol engine options for the Defender are 2.0-litre 300 PS turbo-petrol and 3.0-litre 400 PS turbo-petrol engines. On the other hand, the only diesel engine available for the Defender is a 3.0-litre mill, which produces 300 PS of power. All the versions and engine options of the Defender come with an 8-speed automatic gearbox as standard. The entire range of Land Rover Defender starts at Rs 86.24 lakh and goes all the way up to Rs 1.08 crore.

Since its launch in India, the Land Rover Defender has been widely popular among high-profile people for its impressive road stance, luxurious and tech-laden cabin and impeccable off-road drivability. The SUV has found its home in the garages of several notable personalities like Bollywood actors Aayush Sharma and Arjun Kapoor and the top business tycoon of India, Mr Mukesh Ambani.

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