Tamil Nadu CM reduces convoy vehicles to reduce hardship to public

Tamil Nadu’s CM, MK Stalin says that the police will not be stopping the traffic or people gathering for his convoy to pass. He has passed this order so that the public does not have to face inconvenience. The new protocol was shared at a meeting with V Irai Anbu, SK Prabhakar, C Sylendra Babu, Davidson Devasirvatham and others.

Tamil Nadu CM reduces convoy vehicles to reduce hardship to public

MK Stalin currently gets Z-Plus security. He has asked the officials to provide convoy and security as per the protocol but reduce the hardship caused to the public. His convoy consists of three pilot vehicles in the front, three pilot vehicles at the rear, a jammer vehicle, and five escort vehicles.

So, that is a total of twelve total vehicles. According to the new directions, the convoy will now only run with six vehicles which will consist of a pilot vehicle in the front, a pilot vehicle at the rear, a jammer vehicle and three escort vehicles.

The Z+ security is the highest level of security that a person can get in India and it is very hard to get. This security is only provided to big politicians, billionaire Mukesh Ambani, India’s Prime Minister and some other VIPs.

Tamil Nadu CM reduces convoy vehicles to reduce hardship to public

Woman dies because car was stopped to let special train pass

A woman named Vandana Mishra died at age of 50 years because their car was stopped by the police as a special train carrying President Ram Nath Kovind had to pass. Vandana was head of the women’s wing of the Indian Industries Association for Kanpur. She recovered from COVID-19 around 45 days back. She was rushed to the hospital when she complained of uneasiness while breathing.

The family members said that they asked the police officials to let them pass as the condition of Vandana was serious but they did not agree. Their car was only allowed to move once the special train was passed, but by then it was too late, Vandana died before reaching the hospital.

A condolence message by President Ram Nath Kovind and his wife was sent to the family. DCP of South and Police Commissioner attended the cremation. A sub-inspector and three constables were suspended immediately. Kovind’s wife, Savita ordered police officials that such an incident should not happen again.

Before this incident, some ambulances have waited in traffic because the traffic was blocked because of some VIP movement. Once a politician’s car clipped an ambulance because the driver of the ambulance overtook him. The VIP culture is still very strong, they are often preferred over the general public’s lives. Because of this many people have faced hardships.

The government is trying to stop the VIP culture. The action taken by MK Stalin is a move in the right direction. Hopefully, we will see other politicians following the same step. Vandana’s life could have been saved if the police officials would have allowed their vehicle to pass. The train could have been delayed or stopped for a couple of minutes.


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