Tamil Nadu cops stop YouTuber to check out his 30 lakh rupee BMW superbike [Video]

Cops across the country often stop two-wheeler riders when they are seen riding recklessly or, at times, performing stunts. These days, police departments have installed CCTV cameras and also rely on social media to monitor such offenses. However, there are instances where cops have stopped bikers in the past just out of curiosity. In most cases, the reason for this curiosity is the bike. They have often stopped bikers who ride expensive bikes just to get a good view of the superbike. Here we have a video where cops from Tamil Nadu stopped a biker to check his Rs 30 lakh BMW adventure tourer motorcycle.

The video has been shared by Ride with KC on his YouTube channel. The vlogger posted this video back in 2019. In the video, the biker is with his friend on a bike from Mumbai to Madurai. He is exploring South India and is traveling to Dhanushkodi. Soon after he started riding, he came across a police checkpoint. A cop was standing next to the barricade and waved his hand, asking the biker to pull over. The biker slowed down, and the cops asked the rider where he is from and what language he is comfortable in.

The biker didn’t know Tamil, so he told the cops to speak in English. The YouTuber told him that he and his friends were riding from Mumbai and were currently heading to Madurai. The cops were interested in the bike and started checking it out. One of them asked for the documents to check if everything was up to date. One of them even asked him about the price, to which he replied that the bike cost around Rs 30 lakh.

Tamil Nadu cops stop YouTuber to check out his 30 lakh rupee BMW superbike [Video]
Cops posing with BMW R 1200 GS

The biker was on a BMW R 1200 GS adventure motorcycle. The motorcycle looks huge, which was probably the reason why the cops noticed it. The biker also had panniers installed on the bike, making it look even wider. It looked quite intimidating on the road. This 1200 GS was discontinued as part of the BS6 transition, and we now have the R 1250 GS in the market. The cops checked the bike and then asked the vlogger if they could actually take a picture with the bike.

It should be noted that this happened back in 2019 when such expensive bikes were not as common on the road as they are today. Even a local who was passing through the road stopped his scooter and joined the cops. The local person even recorded a video or maybe took pictures of the bike. When one of them asked about the mileage, the biker replied 15 kmpl. The young cops then took pictures with the bike. After taking pictures, the cops let the biker go.

This is not the first time we have come across a video like this. In the past, several videos have emerged online where cops have actually stopped bikers riding expensive bikes just out of curiosity. In most cases, the cops do not want to check the documents; they either want to know more about the bike or pose for pictures. There have even been cases where cops have taken such bikes for a ride.

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