Tamil Nadu Police seizes more than 11,000 vehicles for breaking lockdown

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India continues to be under the lockdown and it will continue until 14th April 2020. No one is allowed to go out during the lockdown except for the essential services. However, people continue to break down the lockdown rules and come out on the roads. The lockdown has been enforced to keep the spread of coronavirus in check. The authorities, especially the police are working around the clock to enforce the lockdown and keep the people off the road. Amidst the lockdown, the cops have started seizing the vehicles of the people who come out without a valid reason.

Tamil Nadu Police seizes more than 11,000 vehicles for breaking lockdown

In Tamil Nadu, the cops have seized as many as 11,565 vehicles across the states for violating the state curfew. The cops have also registered as many as 14,815 cases against the people and have arrested 17,668 people during the first four days of the lockdown. It should be noted that these figures are expected to rise significantly. During the lockdown period, the cops have collected a total of Rs 4.8 lakhs as penalties from the people.

In Chennai, the cops booked 307 cases and seized 218 vehicles on Sunday. The cops started issuing fines and seizing the vehicles starting at 6 AM and it went on till 6 PM. There were two autorickshaws and a car that was seized by the cops and rest were motorcycles and other two-wheelers. In Tamil Nadu, section 144 is active that prohibits the people from gathering on the roads and these vehicles were fined under the same. Another 494 vehicles were fined for various traffic violations including jumping the red lights, and 664 two-wheeler riders were fined for riding without a helmet.

A police official said that they stop such miscreants and make them understand the repercussions of going out amid the coronavirus outbreak. However, most of the motorists do not have the patience to stop and listen and they rather ask for the fines and continue with their journeys.

The police forces across India have started issuing fines to such vehicles that are breaking down the lockdown rules. While many police forces are also resorting to using canes and beating the violators. However, it is difficult to make them understand and contain such people who have made a mind for going out anyway.

The coronavirus outbreak has currently more than 1,500 affected patients in India and the number is expected to rise in the coming weeks. To ensure that the spread of the virus is contained, everyone should avoid going out and strictly should maintain the lockdown in the coming weeks.