Tastefully modified Maruti Balenos of India

Tastefully modified Maruti Balenos of India

The Baleno is the first premium hatchback offering from Maruti in India. The car has gained quite a market share in the country. Modifiers are already working their magics on this car. Here are six tastefully modified Baleno hatchbacks from India.

Exterior options

Chrome Delete


Even though most of the Indian customers go gaga over chrome, there are many who love to do away with the shiny material. The Baleno seen here has been given no chrome therapy. Even the chrome from the logo of the car has been deleted. The car also gets dual tone colours with the roof getting black wrap starting from the spoiler and ending at the roof spoiler.

The vehicle also gets 17-inch 9J rims, and the brakes have been upgraded to Brembo. The vehicle also gets custom honeycomb grille on the lower side, and the fog lamps have been upgraded to LED lights for a brighter look. To complete the whole look, the owner has also added smoked taillamps.


Race Stripes


The Baleno has some good looking lines on the body. Adding racing stripes to the vehicle makes it stand out even more. Here is one car with matter black body wrap and striking red race stripes running through the middle of it.


The outer mirrors have been painted white with red accent on it. The black alloy wheels make the whole set-up look very stealthy and deep. The Baleno also gets a red accent on the lower lip, adding radiance to the vehicle.

Dual Tone


Here is a radical example of dual colour Baleno. The roof of the red coloured Baleno has been painted white with two black stripes on it. The black stripes continue to run on the bonnet of the vehicle too. The lower lip of the front has been painted white in sync with the roof.


The running boards of the vehicle also get white highlight while the rear lower part of the bumper is also painted in the same colour. It looks different at first but sure does catches a lot of eyes.

Slam it!


Nothing else can make a car look better than lowering it. Here is one from Kerala that has been dropped by quite a margin. The red Baleno looks beautiful with new spoke alloy wheels. The vehicle also gets a samurai lip spoiler up front, giving it even more, a lower look.


On the sides and the rear, the Baleno receives a body kit. The fog lamps get angel eyes while the grille gets matte black paint with Suzuki logo also painted in black.

Give it good looking rims


There is no doubt in the fact that alloy wheels levitate the way car looks. Here is an example with MOMO alloy wheels. These 17-inch alloy wheels with low-profile tyres make the Baleno look much more premium!

Tune it!


The Baleno diesel is powered by 1.3-litre Multijet engine that can be widely modified. For example, a well-reputed tuner, Pete’s has added extra juice to Baleno’s 75 BHP – 190 Nm engine. Through a tuning box, the power is now rated at 92 BHP, and the torque has jumped up to 230 Nm. The car also runs on custom springs and suspensions that give it way better handling.


Exquisite interiors


Baleno does not offer leather upholstery even in the top-end variant. Here is an example of lifting the luxurious feeling of the Baleno. Big Daddy Custom from Delhi has added full leather beige coloured interiors to the Baleno.


To give it a premium feeling, the car also gets diamond-stitched patterns. The door handles, and power window controls get piano black surrounds. The instrument cluster also gets a faux wood trim while the pedals have been replaced with aluminium ones.

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