Tata 45X-based Honda City-challenging sedan: 2 new renders

Tomorrow, Tata Motors will officially unveil a brand new sedan based on the 45X premium hatchback. The sedan will be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show at around 4 PM India time tomorrow. Here are a couple of renders that will give you an idea on what to expect from Tata tomorrow.

Tata 45X-based Honda City-challenging sedan: 2 new renders

The first render shows a coupe-like roofline for the new sedan, and this is something that Tata has used beautifully on the Tigor compact sedan. However, the new sedan concept to be revealed tomorrow will be a full-sized sedan meant to compete with the Maruti Ciaz and Honda City.

The new car will be based on the Advanced Modular Platform (AMP) and is expected to share many parts with the 45X premium hatchback. Like the 45X, the sedan will use Tata Motors’ Impact 2.0 design language. Expect an aggressively styled car with a lot of futuristic bits, at least in concept form.

Tata 45X-based Honda City-challenging sedan: 2 new renders

The second render shows a more conventional roofline for the new Tata sedan. Again, the looks of the new car are clearly inspired by the 45X premium hatchback. There may be key changes in design though as Tata has been bringing quite a few variations in its newer car designs. We saw this happen with the 45X premium hatchback and the H5X SUV – both cars had completely different designs. More details about the new Tata sedan will be revealed tomorrow. We expect the car to launch in 2020.

Since the new Tata sedan will use the AMP, a lot of parts sharing is likely. However, the diesel engine of the car may not be the ones found on the 45X but a much more powerful unit. Maybe the Nexon’s 1.5 liter diesel would be apt for the new sedan while the 1.2 liter turbocharged petrol unit should be enough with a variable geometry turbocharger attached. Since Tata has revealed that it’s working on a twin clutch automatic gearbox for the 45X, that’s another possibility for the sedan as well.