Tata Altroz crashes into a tree at high speed: Occupants safe [Video]

Driving recklessly is not something that we would recommend to anyone. We have come across several incidents in the past where such actions have caused accidents and even claimed lives. With the rise in the number of road accidents in India, people are now considering the build quality of a vehicle more seriously than ever before. There are several agencies that test these vehicles for their sturdiness in case of an accident. Tata is one such manufacturer that is currently known for its build quality. Here we have a video in which an Altroz hatchback, driven at high speed, crashed into a tree and all three occupants in the car escaped with minor injuries.

The video has been shared by Nikhil Rana on his YouTube channel. One of his followers shared the video on social media. The accident happened somewhere in Chhattisgarh. According to the video, the car was being driven at high speed when it crashed. The exact reason for the crash is not known. In India, it is common to see cattle and even pedestrians jaywalking on roads. We are not sure if something like that had caused the accident or if the driver simply lost control of the car.

The car crashed into a tree near the road and was hanging vertically from the tree, or at least it appeared so. The front end of the hatchback looks damaged; similarly, the fenders, headlamps, and bumpers are also damaged. The car is not clearly visible in the video as it was recorded at night. The alloy wheels on this hatchback look fine, but the windshield is broken.

Tata Altroz crashes into a tree at high speed: Occupants safe [Video]
Altroz crashed into tree

The video mentions that the car crashed into a tree next to a temple. The locals believe that it was the power of the deity in the temple that kept the occupants in the car safe. The car had three occupants, and all of them escaped from the accident without any major injuries. The video does not provide exact details about the occupants. However, it does clearly state that the driver of the Altroz was at fault. Driving recklessly was the main cause of this crash. Even after the crash, the A-pillar and the cabin of the Altroz hatchback appear intact in the pictures.

It is not clear whether the airbags deployed on time or not. The Tata Altroz is the only premium hatchback sold by the Indian car manufacturer. It is also the only car in this segment to have achieved a 5-star rating in the Global NCAP crash test. The car is available with a turbo petrol, naturally aspirated petrol, and a diesel engine option. The naturally aspirated version comes with a DCT transmission option. All other engine options are available with a manual transmission only. Returning to the crash, this accident is an example that shows how a car with sturdy build quality can potentially save occupants’ lives. However, owning a well-built car doesn’t grant the right to behave irresponsibly on the road. Always follow traffic rules, adhere to speed limits, and stay alert while driving on public roads to avoid such accidents.