Tata Altroz Ground Clearance: Is it enough for Indian roads? [Video]

Tata Motors launched their first premium hatchback Altroz in the market earlier this year. It competes with cars like Maruti Baleno, Hyundai Elite i20, Honda Jazz in the segment. It is without any doubt one of the good looking hatchbacks in this segment and offers decent list of features too. Altroz has a ground clearance of 165mm which is less than some of its competitors. This gives it an aggressive low slung stance but, is it enough for our roads?. Well that is what the video in this article is trying to show. How did it perform? Let’s take look at the video and come back.

The video has been uploaded by CarnariaN on their youtube channel. Most of the shots in the video are from places were either the roads are broken or there are no roads at all. The vlogger initially starts by loading the vehicle with 5 people and enters a plot were there is a hump at the entrance, The front and the bottom of the car did not touch the bottom even with approximately 300-350 kgs of weight in it.

After doing that, he goes for broken sections on the road and he made sure that the car at least had 3 people in it all the time. This gives a fair idea on how the car would behave on such conditions with occupants in it. It seems like the place where the vlogger was shooting had very bad roads with steep speed breakers which are not at all favourable for a car with low ground clearance. Throughout the video, the bumper lip of the Altroz hits the road only once. Apart from that, the car was handling all the bad patches like any other car in this segment.

Tata Altroz Ground Clearance: Is it enough for Indian roads? [Video]

Tata Altroz is a well equipped premium hatchback with decent number of features in it. It is currently available with two engine options one petrol and one diesel. The petrol version is powered by a 1.2 litre naturally aspirated unit whereas the diesel version uses a 1.5 litre turbocharged unit. Both petrol and diesel engine options are available with a manual gearbox option only. Tata might soon be launching a 1.2 litre turbo petrol version of the hatchback with a DCT gearbox option.

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