Tata Altroz hit by Hexa after braking hard to save dog: Everyone safe [Video]

tata altroz hexa dog save highway

Stray animals can cause catastrophic accidents on roads and we have seen numerous examples of the same in the past. Here is one incident where the owner of a Tata Altroz hit the brakes at high-speed to save a dog and got hit by a Tata Hexa. Here is what happened.

Balaji, the owner of the Tata Altroz shared the details of the accident. It is a new car which was bought in March 2023. The owner goes on to explain how he kept the Tata Altroz without a scratch over all these months.

Then he explains how the accident happened. According to the owner, he was doing about 90 km/h when a dog suddenly came in front of the vehicle on the highway. The owner of the Altroz applied the brakes to slow down and keep the dog safe. However, the Tata Hexa, which was following the Altroz on the highway could not apply the brakes in time and crashed into the Altroz.

Tata Altroz hit by Hexa after braking hard to save dog: Everyone safe [Video]

The Altroz spun out of control due to the high-speed impact and the guardrails saved the car at last. The car jumped to the opposite lane. However, the owner is very happy with the build quality of the Altroz and said that there was not a single scratch on him. He also mentions that any passengers in the rear seat could have got hurt due to the impact from the rear.

The owner says that he has now bought a new Altroz after the insurance said it was a total loss. The whole claim process took about 3.5 months.

Driving in India

Stray animals, including dogs and cattle, pose a significant problem on many highways in India, and there hasn’t been much done to remove them from the roads. A few years ago, officials in Uttar Pradesh had affixed high-reflective tapes to the horns of stray cattle to increase their visibility at night. However, as of now, no steps have been taken to eliminate these road hazards.

It is always advisable to drive defensively on Indian roads and ensure you have a clear view of the road ahead before attempting to overtake. It’s essential to be confident and well-informed about the road conditions when overtaking. Numerous documented incidents in the past have demonstrated that overtaking without due caution can lead to significant accidents, especially on the highly unpredictable roads of India.

Driving vehicles at high speeds drastically reduces reaction time, increasing the risk of collisions. By driving or riding at slower speeds, there is more time to avoid potential hazards and apply brakes promptly. Vehicles traveling at high speeds require greater time and distance to come to a stop, making them more susceptible to accidents.

In populated areas along highways, it is vital to slow down as well. Many Indian highways pass through major cities, where such incidents are more likely to occur. Livestock belonging to locals and villagers can stray onto the highways, potentially causing collisions. This emphasizes the significance of dashboard cameras and video cameras in India for documenting and learning from these incidents.