Tata Altroz hits a roadside shop at high-speed: Passengers walk out safe

The Indian roads see thousands of accidents every day and many of them turn fatal as well. While many accidents go unreported, a few of them get documented and recorded on video. Here is a Tata Altroz that hit a roadside shop at a high speed. The occupants came out of the car without any injuries.

The video by Prateek Singh shows CCTV footage from Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh. The short video shows a two-lane road without any physical divider. The video shows a relatively empty road and cars passing by at high speed. Suddenly, a Tata Altroz enters the frame at high speed and goes out of control to hit a roadside shop at high speed.

According to the information in the video, the Tata Altroz driver was driving at a high speed and he lost control of the vehicle. The car hit the pole of the shop and stopped. Luckily, no one in the shop or in the vehicle got injured.

We are not sure how exactly the driver of the Altroz lost control of the car. It may be a punctured tyre or trying to overtake a very high speed. But with the safety of the Tata Altroz, no one got any serious injuries.

Tata Altroz became the safest car in India

Tata Altroz hits a roadside shop at high-speed: Passengers walk out safe

Soon after the launch of the Altroz, the Global NCAP ratings of five stars and the highest score ever by a made-in-India car. However, soon the Mahindra XUV300 took away the top spot from the Altroz to become the safest car in India by scoring higher points. The all-new Altroz remains a five-star rated vehicle and is currently the third safest car in the market.

The tests were done at a speed of 64 km/h. For adult safety, the Altroz scored 16.13 points out of 17. In child safety, the car scored 29 out of 49. All the Tata Altroz models will get 2 airbags as standard. The report says that the bodyshell integrity of the Altroz is stable.

Global NCAP report further adds that the upcoming Altroz will provide good protection for the driver and co-driver;s head, neck and knees while the chest region has adequate protection. There were several tests done including the frontal off-set crash and a side-impact crash test.

The Tata Altroz will offer features like ABS, EBD and Corner Stability Control, front seatbelt reminder, speed alert system and ISOFIX anchorage for child seat as standard across all the variants. This is the first product on the ALFA architecture and it has received a perfect five-star rating.

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