Tata Altroz iCNG XM+ variant on an jn-depth walkaround [Video]

The country’s third-largest carmaker, Tata Motors, recently launched the CNG iteration of its premium hatch, the Altroz, in the country. The model has created quite a buzz since its launch. The reason behind this buzz is that the company introduced the Altroz iCNG with an innovative twin-cylinder technology, which cleverly saves a ton of boot space in the car. The new Altroz iCNG is now arriving at dealerships across the country. Recently, a video showcasing the XM+ variant, the second-to-base variant, has been shared on YouTube.

The video of the Tata Altroz iCNG XM+ variant was posted on YouTube by Engine with EVs on their channel. It begins with an introduction to the all-new CNG hatchback from Tata Motors, highlighting some of the key features of the car in the first few seconds. Following this, the presenter provides an in-depth walkaround of the Altroz iCNG and mentions that there are no differences in the overall exterior design between the standard ICE Altroz and the CNG model.

Showing the front end of the SUV, the presenter states that the Altroz iCNG retains the same sleek and aerodynamic design with a sharp bonnet and slender double barrel headlights with chrome accents. The presenter then highlights other small details at the front of the SUV. Additionally, the Altorz iCNG comes with a remote flip key and a normal key. Moving on, the presenter showcases the side profile of the car and mentions that the XM+ variant is equipped with 16-inch steel wheels with silver wheel covers from the company.

Next, the presenter notes that most of the car remains the same from the side as the ICE model, but it features a special badge on the rear doors. He explains that this “50 lakh” badge from Tata Motors signifies that the brand has sold over 50 lakh cars in the country in the last 25 years. The presenter then focuses on the rear of the car and mentions that the only difference from the ICE car is the addition of iCNG badging. He adds that as the XM+ variant, the car does not include a rear wiper washer and defogger.

Tata Altroz iCNG XM+ variant on an jn-depth walkaround [Video]

Afterward, he opens the rear bootlid and mentions that the car is equipped with the innovative twin-cylinder technology. Each cylinder has a capacity of 30 liters and is attached by metal braces under the boot area. He highlights that the car also features a leak detection system, which automatically switches the car to petrol mode to avoid any mishaps. Moving on, he showcases the interior of the car, which is relatively basic as it is the second-to-base variant.

Finally, the presenter showcases the engine bay of the car and mentions that it is still powered by the same petrol engine as the ICE variant, but it now includes all the necessary attachments to utilize CNG gas. He points out that one of the most innovative and unique features of the Altroz iCNG is its single ECU, which enables smooth transitions between CNG and petrol modes and allows the car to start directly in the CNG mode. He also adds that this CNG powertrain produces around 88 PS of maximum power and 115 Nm of torque.

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