Tata Altroz spotted without any camouflage before official launch

Tata is working to launch the all-new Altroz in the Indian market, which will be the brand’s first-ever premium hatchback. The all-new Altroz will take on the likes of Hyundai Elite i20, Honda Jazz and the Maruti Suzuki Baleno in the market. The all-new Altroz will be launched in the coming few weeks. This is not the first time the Tata Altroz has been spotted without any camouflage in the Indian market.

Tata Altroz spotted without any camouflage before official launch

The all-new Tata Altroz was shared on Instagram and it seems like the vehicle was parked at the Tata’s facility. Tata officially showcased the all-new Altroz at the Geneva Motor Show. However, the version that will go into the production will be a bit different from the Geneva Motor Show version. The all-new hatchback was earlier spotted in the Tata facility and once on the public roads when it was reportedly going to a studio. Nonetheless, the new image indicates that the vehicle is production-ready.

Tata is likely to launch the new Altroz by the end of this year or in January next year. It should be noted that Tata has already confirmed that the Altroz will be the official lead car of the Mumbai Marathon, which is scheduled to take place on 19th January.

The all-new Altroz will not get the split headlamps like the Harrier but the front lamps are positioned in a way that they look split. The main headlamp cluster is extremely sleek and is housed within the grille of the vehicle. It looks like an elongated grille with the headlamps positioned on either side. The fog lamps of the Tata Altroz are quite big in size and are positioned just below the main headlamp clusters. Both the lamps are separated by a thin slot of the bumper. The car has been designed in accordance with the new IMPACT 2.0 design philosophy, which was first seen on the Harrier.

The cabin of the Tata Altroz will be quite comfortable and the dashboard will be heavily inspired by Tata Harrier. Even the instrument cluster of the Tata Altroz will be similar to the Harrier and it will get a similar digital-analogue dial. However, the design of the instrument cluster in the Altroz will be slightly different as it will offer a more squarish look. The all-new Tata Altroz will get new-age features like a floating-type infotainment system with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay connectivity.

Powering the Altroz will be a 1.2-litre, 3-cylinder petrol engine, which is likely to produce similar power and torque figure as the Nexon. There will also be a 1.5-litre diesel engine option. However, initially, Tata may only offer the 1.5-litre diesel engine option and add the petrol engine later.

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