Tata begins testing 1.99 liter Safari Storme.

The 2.0 liter plus diesel ban in the Delhi NCR saw a lot of companies suffer. Mahindra was quick to respond by launching a 1.99 liter engine on their Scorpio and XUV500 to make sure they aren’t affected. Now that the ban has been revoked, consumers have to pay an extra green tax in order to get the vehicles. Since the future is still not known, Tata has begun working on a new 1.99 liter engine that will make its way into the Storme and the upcoming Hexa.


Overdrive spotted the vehicle testing on the Manali-Leh highway along with the XUV500 1.99 liter. Tata had delayed the launch of the Hexa SUV for this reason. Due to their being uncertainty in the market currently,  Tata has decided that they might as well build a sub 2.0 liter engine to tackle any further laws that may come.

Mahindra launched the 1.99 liter version earlier in the year with the same power output as the 2.2 liter engine. Since it was done in short span of time, it was only available in the manual version and that too in the front wheel drive one, not the AWD variant. Since Tata has more time at its disposal, it will most likely re-engineer the 2.2 liter to make it work on their whole line up. Tata currently has two versions of the 2.2 liter, one that makes 154 Bhp and 400 Nm and the other that makes 148 Bhp and 320 Nm.

The Hexa SUV will most probably get this engine as well if they are able to test it quickly enough.

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