Will Tata Motors’ upcoming Blackbird SUV look like mini Harrier, or the Subaru Viziv [Video]

Tata has a few very interesting upcoming cars in the pipeline. Starting from the likes of Gravitas, Tata will also launch their entry-level SUV – the HBX by the end of this year or in early 2021. Well, one of the most anticipated SUVs from Tata is the Blackbird, which will be the first mid-size SUV from the brand and it will take on the likes of Hyundai Creta and Kia Seltos. Here is a rendering image of what the car will look like when it is launched.

The rendering image by MotorWala YouTube channel shows what the production version of the Blackbird but is it legit? Well, the vehicle used to make the rendering of the upcoming Tata SUV is a Subaru Viziv concept. The rendering artist has done a few changes like adding the fog lamps, grille and badge from other Tata cars. No, this is not what the upcoming Tata Blackbird SUV will look like in any way.

Tata currently follows the HORIZONEXT 2.0 philosophy that we can clearly on the Tata Altroz and the new Nexon. By the time Blackbird arrives in the Indian market, Tata is likely to update their design philosophy to match the modern times but it will not be a Subaru concept car in any form.

Nonetheless, the Blackbird is an all-new SUV that will bridge the gap between the Nexon and the Harrier in the Indian market. It is internally codenamed as Blackbird and will carry a different product name. Even though the Harrier takes on the higher-end variants of the Hyundai Creta and Kia Seltos in the Indian market, the Tata Blackbird’s production version will directly take on these cars and more.

Will Tata Motors’ upcoming Blackbird SUV look like mini Harrier, or the Subaru Viziv [Video]

The Tata Blackbird’s development will have a major role of Chinese manufacturer Chery Motors but due to the recent advancement, the product’s launch may get delayed. Earlier reports suggested that the vehicle will be based on the new platform that underpins Chery Tiggo 5X SUV in China. Chery was earlier planning to enter the Indian market with a JV with Tata Motors, however, the recent COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed the plans and we are not sure if these plans are still on track.

Nonetheless, the mid-size SUV segment in India has grown by quite a lot in recent years. Last year, Kia Motors entered the segment with the all-new Seltos and it is selling like hotcakes. Hyundai launched the updated, all-new Creta which has also attracted a lot of buyers. Tata’s Blackbird, if it ever goes into production will be launched by the end of 2021 or even later.

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