The upcoming Bolt hatchback and the Zest compact sedan are very important cars for Tata Motors, for these vehicles represent the Indian automaker’s first major steps towards turning around its loss making car division. The Zest compact sedan will be launched in a few weeks from now, followed by the Bolt hatchback a month or so down the line.

Tata Bolt B+ Segment Hatchback Photo
Tata Bolt B+ Segment Hatchback


Both the Bolt and the Zest will feature automated manual transmission options – the F-TRONIC gearbox in Tata Motors’ speak. Using the AMT on the Bolt and the Zest opens up the possibility of three, user switchable drive modes for both cars.

Since the Automated Manual Transmission system essentially automates the working of the clutch based on inputs from an electronic control unit, speeding up and slowing down gearshifts will allow for the three drive modes – City, Eco and Sports.

For instance, the AMT will shift faster in the Sports mode while the Eco mode will resulting in earlier upshifts (shifting to a higher gear at a lower rpm) in the interest of fuel efficiency. The AMT on both the Bolt and the Zest will feature 5 ratios as the clutch automation module is basically bolted onto Tata Motors’ existing 5 speed gearbox.

Both the Bolt and the Zest will be offered with two engine options – the newly developed, 1.2 liter-4 cylinder REVOTRON turbo petrol engine (85 Bhp-140 Nm) and the 1.3 liter Fiat Multijet turbo diesel engine, in two state of tunes – 75 Bhp-190 Nm and 90 Bhp-200 Nm.

Tata Zest Compact Sedan Pic
Tata Zest Compact Sedan


While both engines will feature a five speed manual gearbox as standard, Tata Motors has confirmed the AMT option for the diesel powered Zest. Although the AMT option will also be offered on the Bolt, it remains unclear whether Tata Motors will choose to give the 1.2 liter REVOTRON motor the AMT option or whether the automaker will stick to using the AMT gearbox on the diesel powered variants of the Bolt.

Equipping the Bolt and Zest Diesels with AMT options will instantly make these cars class leaders, for no diesel car sold in the B+ hatchback and compact sedan segments in India feature such the diesel-automatic combination. Talking of class leading features, the Bolt and the Zest will also feature a touch screen infotainment module developed by American car entertainment giant Harman International. Tata Motors has claimed that the Bolt and the Zest will deliver good driving pleasure and that the quality levels on both these cars have seen major improvements.


  1. BOLD IS LOOKING VERY Excellent, Continue this Car for another 20 years and Better to Cancell Inica car, and ZEST is Fully New Model and Looks Very Nice, and Give Best Price in India, by Sitarama RAju Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh India

  2. My first impressions on seeing the pictures of the two cars – their design is very odd looking. Proportions are all off; tyre size is too small for the body – a typical Tata trait, make their cars look under-tyred. The “busy” headlight design doesn’t gel with the “smiling” grill. The shape of the front bumper with its air-dam and fog lamps, nothing looks good together. It looks like design inspiration for each element was picked from a different car. I think with the new car(s), Tata should have ditched the “smiling” grill element; they are stubbornly holding on to something that probably worked on the (old) Indica. The problem with every new Tata product even after they dropped the “Indica” name is that it looks somewhat like the original Indica! If they are trying so hard (as they claim) to move away from the Indica name, I wonder why do they keep making the mistake of carrying over the same design language with each new car model, again and again?

    Talking of quality; Tata has always promised superior build quality with every new car launch, but their cars’ quality (even if better from before) lags way behind the competition. Will have to see what “good quality levels” their cars actually offer once they are launched.

    I have for the first time heard Tata talking about “driving pleasure”. It seems they have finally increased their vocabulary to include such words! I own a Maruti Ritz ZXi and my grand mother drives a new Tata Indica Vista VX. When I finally got to drive her brand new car, boy was I disappointed – there was no steering feedback what-so-ever, it felt as if the steering wasn’t even connected to the wheels! The switches on the dashboard and the stalks (for the wipers and indicators) had such bad finish and terrible tactile feel (far, far inferior to my car). Even the key-in-ignition audible reminder was horribly jarring. There was no driving pleasure to be had…

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