Tata dealership goes to court after YouTuber complains about Safari issues: Vlogger banned from posting more videos

A popular Youtube vlogger, Sanju Techy, is banned by the court from publishing further videos against the dealership after dealer approaches court.

There are several ownership review videos of vehicle owners available online. Some of them are positive while some point out the issues and aftersales experience. In one such incident, a YouTuber from Kerala is now banned from publishing videos about a Tata dealership on his channel. He published several negative videos about the Tata Harrier and the dealership from where he recently bought a car. The YouTuber, who has a channel named Sanju Techy Vlogs, had recently published several videos about the problems he faces with his brand new Tata Safari and the Tata Motors dealership.

Tata dealership goes to court after YouTuber complains about Safari issues: Vlogger banned from posting more videos

After the vlogger published videos on his YouTube channel, the dealership moved legally against the vlogger. The dealership, NCS Automotives, approached the Ernakulam Sub-Court mentioning that the vlogger has been publishing videos that defame the dealership. The dealership added that the claims that are made by the vlogger in his video are not true. Court has now asked the vlogger to not publish any video against the dealership till the time the matter is in the court. Source: OneIndia Malayalam

Sanju who owns the YouTube channel had recently bought a brand new Tata Safari from NCS Automotives and since then he has published several videos on his YouTube channel, mentioning the issues that he has been facing in his car. He has done almost 12 videos on his YouTube channel about his new Tata Safari so far. Sanju is a well known YouTuber in Kerala and he has almost 1.41 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. Hhe has said that he bought the Tata Safari from his YouTube income.

Most of the videos that he has published on his channel has already gone viral and like in any case, internet is divided over the issue.

The YouTuber has also mentioned that he’ll be moving legally against the dealership. According to reports, the vlogger has been facing issues with his Tata Safari ever since he bought it. He took his Safari to the authorised service centre several times and even then the issue could not be resolved. According to his videos, the steering on the SUV was making noise and the car also went to ‘limp mode’ a couple of times. The vlogger felt cheated after this experience and that is why he decided to move against the dealership. The service centre on the other hand had told other YouTubers that the vlogger had hit the underbody of the car and that detached the intercooler hose which affected the turbo and performance.

Tata dealership goes to court after YouTuber complains about Safari issues: Vlogger banned from posting more videos

The Safari is currently Tata’s flagship SUV in India. The SUV was launched in the market last year and it became popular among buyers mainly because of the name and the looks. The all-new Safari has nothing in similar to the original Safari except for the name. The all-new Safari is based on Tata Harrier which is a popular 5-seater SUV in the market.

Tata Safari offers features like touchscreen infotainment system that supports Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, multi-functions steering wheel, cruise control, ventilated seat for front and rear (in 6-seater version), panoramic sunroof and so on. The car gets leather seats as well. The car is powered by a 2.0 litre turbocharged diesel engine that generates 170 Ps and 350 Nm of peak torque. It is available with a 6-speed manual and a 6-speed automatic transmission.