Tata Estate on an all-India drive gets STUCK: Mahindra Thar to the rescue

Post lockdown, All-India trips on cars and bikes have become a thing in India. Several vloggers and travel enthusiasts have started following this. Such people carry all essential items like food, tent with them. This way, travellers can save a lot as they don’t have reserve hotel rooms to stay at night. One such group from Kerala is on an all-India drive and the car in which they are travelling makes it more interesting. They are travelling in an old Tata Estate which is an iconic vehicle. In this video, the vlogger attempts to drive the Tata Estate on sand dunes and regrets his decision.

The video has been uploaded by PETROLHEAD MOTOR GARAGE on their YouTube channel. Vlogger and his friend were travelling through Rajasthan when the video started. They were driving towards Sam dunes in Jaisalmer. Vlogger knew was not sure whether he’ll be driving into the desert in his Tata Estate as it a rear wheel drive car.

On their way to Sam dunes, they got in touch with three other travelers who were in a Mahindra Thar 4×4. They discussed the plan and finalised that they’ll try driving the station wagon into the desert. After driving for some time, they reach desert and vlogger slowly started driving into the sand.

He regretted doing this after driving few meters. The sand was so loose that the rear wheels got stuck in it instantly. Vlogger tried accelerating the car to front and rear but, that did more harm than good. First of all, Tata Estate is a station wagon and it is not an ideal vehicle for this purpose. We are not sure, whether they deflated the tyres slightly before getting in the sand. slightly deflated tyres offer more surface area for the tyre and that allows more traction.

Tata Estate on an all-India drive gets STUCK: Mahindra Thar to the rescue

After trying on their own for some time, they figured out that the Estate is going anywhere and needs to be pulled out. Mahindra Thar then comes into the picture. They were carrying tow rope with them and both cars were tied together and Thar started pulling it out.

It came out of the sand once and got stuck again. This time, Estate was badly stuck and was not moving even after being pulled by Mahindra Thar. As this was an entirely new terrain, the Thar driver was finding it difficult. Locals then pitch in and they offer help. Jeep is quite common vehicle in that part of the country and one of the Jeep driver’s started pulling it out. The local driver pulled the Estate using the same Mahindra Thar in some time.

This video is a perfect example on why you should never drive a 2WD vehicle off-road. How much experience matters is also shown here as Mahindra Thar pulls it out. Other reason why Estate got stuck was because it was on road tyres and the rear part of the car was loaded with essential items that vlogger and his partner needs while they are on the trip. If they did not have a back up vehicle, they would have been stuck at the spot for a very long time.