Tata eVision sedan concept: Teaser video & fresh images

Tata eVision sedan concept: Teaser video & fresh images

The Geneva Motor Show always brings the best out of Tata Motors and 2018 was no different. The Indian car and truck giant unveiled the eVision sedan concept at Geneva, a preview of what its electric future would look like. Here are fresh images and even a video teaser of the hot, new Tata.

The eVision, as its name suggests, is an electric vehicle concept that could go into production sometime in future. While some say that it could be as early as late next year, others are saying that it won’t be until 2022 when we see something based on the eVision roll onto Indian roads. The eVision uses the Omega platform derived from Land Rover, which also underpins the H5X SUV. This platform has been modular and scalable to accommodate a wide range of electric cars in future.

While Tata is tightipped about the eVision’s mechanicals, er electricals, the car is said to pack enough punch to hit a top speed of 200 Kph, with the nought to 100 sprint coming up in just 7 seconds. Well, that’s BMW  3-Series territory, and a place where no Tata car has ever been before, and for just this, the eVision has our full attention.

The new electric sedan concept uses Tata Motors’ Impact 2.0 design philosophy, and it looks ravishing to say the least. Think, Indian Tesla. Well, that’s how sharp the car looks, and if Tata manages to put this into production as is, it’ll probably be the classiest design that’s come out of Tata Motors, ever! On the outside, you’ll notice that the eVision looks like the next logical design step from the Tigor, and that’s a good thing. Like the Tigor, this car even gets a conventional boot lid.

Among other things, the eVision sedan has a flat floor, and acres of space. The all-glass panoramic sunroof adds to the roomy feel. The interiors are a mix of leather and wood, and Tata’s designers have keep it minimal. Very classy. The concept packs in quite a punch when it comes to technology.

Tata’s loaded the car with some interesting features, many of which have never been seen in an Indian car. We’re impressed. Here’s a quick run through of what the eVision packs in, in Tata’s own words.

  • Predictive energy management systems based on live traffic and routes (Stuff that makes sure your battery doesn’t run out.)
  • Connected technologies such as cloud computing, analytics, geo-spatial mapping and increased human-machine interface. (You car will speak directly to the manufacturer/service center)
  • Capable of Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) features. (Read, self-driving capabilities)
  • Prognostics controller for forecasting of service requirements leading to life cycle management of battery packs, which will be extendable to full vehicle. (The car will look after itself)
  • Comes with both slow charging (AC) / fast charging (DC) options (Well, almost every electric car has this!)