Tata Frest: new trademark registered; could be the Curvv

Tata has registered a new trademark in India – Frest. It is believed that this will be the name for the production version of the Tata CURVV concept.

Tata Frest: new trademark registered; could be the Curvv

The Curvv is a concept SUV from Tata that was showcased for the first time at the 2023 Auto Expo, where it attracted a lot of attention. The design was quite dramatic with sharp edges, and has an overall ‘coupe’ shape which is a first from the company. Introducing the Curvv concept, the carmaker said that it merges the toughness and durability of an SUV with the sporty silhouette of a coupe.

The Curvv is expected to be a petrol SUV at launch – but is quite likely to get an electfic powertrain soon after. There has even been speculation that the Curvv – now the Tata Frest – would have a CNG option at launch, as the market might be less to friendly to diesels in 2024.

If the Frest is the Curvv, when launched, the SUV will have one of the most radical shapes on Indian roads.

We cannot say how much of the design and features of the Curvv will make it into the production Frest. Tata Motors has mostly been quite faithful to the concept versions, though the extreme lines would probably tamed a bit to suit production constraints.

Tata Frest: new trademark registered; could be the Curvv
Image source –Team-BHP

There is also a possibility that the Frest may not be the final name for the Curvv. It might be one of the several names Tata could register, and decide later which one to go with. After all, the launch is only in 2024 and that is enough time to do market research about which name buyers could connect more with.

The Curvv featured a two-spoke steering wheel, which we think Tata is going ahead with in other models too. It is believed that the upcoming Tata Nexon facelift and Punch electric car both would get the two-spoke steering wheel.

The Frest would make its debut before the highly anticipated Tata Sierra EV. The Sierra EV concept was a superhit at the 2023 Expo, and the SUV will come in both ICE and EV versions.