Tata H2X Micro SUV: What the Maruti Ignis rival’s production version will look like

Among the 5 models showcased at the Geneva Motor Show by Tata, the most affordable one will be the H2X concept based micro SUV. It will be launched by mid-2020 and rival the likes of Maruti Suzuki Ignis and the Mahindra KUV100 in the micro SUV/crossover segment. The official name of the H2X concept would be out when the launch date inches closure but it is internally known as the Hornbill. According to Tata, the H2X concept heavily borrows design cues from the H5X concept. Below is a render which shows how the H2X concept would look like in its production form.

Tata H2X Micro SUV: What the Maruti Ignis rival’s production version will look like

As usual, this render has been made by CarToq’s in-house digital illustrator Vipin Vathoopan. It maintains all the key design elements from the concept while being more closer to a regular road-going vehicle. The aggressive edges and lines have been smoothened out but the muscular stance of the concept has been maintained.

The H2X render here looks bigger than it really is and that’s because of its squarish design, butch front fascia and high ground clearance. The tri arrow design at the front has been replaced by functional headlights while the drool-worthy wheels from the concept have given way to regular multi-spoke alloys.

The bash plate has been retained in the same shade of silver, though it has been worked upon to look more real world-ly. The wing mirrors and shoulder lines too have been given a new look and look pretty good. The H2X render here has a certain bit of Harrier influence over it.

That’s because of the fact that Tata has based the design of the H2X concept on the H5X concept, upon which the Harrier is based. Going by what Tata says, the production-spec H2X concept will have class-leading space and utility

Tata H2X Micro SUV: What the Maruti Ignis rival’s production version will look like

The H2X concept is based on Tata’s new ALFA (Agile Light Flexible Advance) and designed on the lines of the company’s new IMPACT 2.0 design philosophy. The production-spec H2X micro SUV could possibly be equipped with a 1.2-litre petrol engine. The engine will be offered with both manual and automatic transmission options.

However, Tata has not revealed any official information over the powertrain options of the SUV. What it has revealed though is the body dimensions of the H2X concept. It measures 3840 mm in length, 1822 mm in width and 1635 mm in height. Also, the concept has a wheelbase of 2450 mm.

Going by Tata’s vision, the Hornbill micro SUV will target the customers who lead an active lifestyle and want a practical, comfortable yet versatile and power packed vehicle. Though it will probably be only an FWD (Front Wheel Drive) vehicle, the H2X production variant would be able to handle broken roads and other rough features of the urban jungle quite easily.

It will also be pretty well equipped in terms of features and the equipment and will probably get a dashboard design similar to the Harrier and Altroz. The launching of the H2X micro SUV is expected to be done by mid-2020, though it can be shifted for a later date too.