Tata H5X (Q501) SUV revealed through leaked sketch; Official unveil at Auto Expo

Tata will officially unveil their all-new SUV H5 which is internally known as Q501 and Q502 (long wheelbase). The design of the SUV has been leaked before launch and it looks dynamic. The SUV is based on Tata’s latest IMPACT 2.0 design language.

Tata H5X (Q501) SUV revealed through leaked sketch; Official unveil at Auto Expo

The leaked design is not the production form of the vehicle. It gets HEXA inspired shape and D-Pillar but the design lines are much more aggressive. The SUV gets sleek LED headlamps that seamlessly integrate into the grille. The lower part of the bumper gets skid plates. The air dams are quite aggressively designed and the bonnet has deep creases on it.

The most attractive part is the vehicle is the panoramic sunroof that really adds a luxurious feel to the vehicle. The SUV gets strong wheel arches and machine-cut alloy wheels. The vehicle will take on the likes of Hyundai Creta and Renault Duster and the design-wise, it looks much more premium and aggressive.

The new SUV is based on the Land Rover Discovery Sport platform that is known as LS550 internally. The platform will make sure that the SUV gets excellent driving dynamics with good off-road capabilities. The is expected to be quite spacious too with 2,700 mm+ wheelbase. The car will also get a seven-seater version.

The SUV will be powered by Fiat 2.0-litre Multijet turbo diesel engine that is manufactured in India and is available with the Jeep Compass. The engine is expected to be detuned for the Tata H5. The SUV will get a 9-speed automatic transmission from  ZF. The H5 is also expected to get the 4WD option from Borg Warner.

The vehicle is expected to carry a long list of features similar to the Hexa and Nexon while keeping the price low. The SUV is expected to get a price tag lower than Rs. 10 lakh when launched. Stay tuned while we bring latest updates from the official unveiling tomorrow.

Image via MotorBeam

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