Tata H5X SUV: New studio shots shows Hyundai Creta rival in all its glory

Tata Motors unveiled the H5X at the 2018 Auto Expo. The production version is coming to India in 2019, and will challenge the Hyundai Creta. What it also means is a sub-10 lakh starting price tag. Here are studio shots of Tata’s latest SUV, plus a bunch of new details that’s just been revealed.

The H5X will use a brand new platform called the OMEGA. An acronym for ‘Optimal Modular Efficient Global Advanced’, the OMEGA platform is based on Land Rover’s D8 architecture, modified to suit Indian conditions and budgets.

While Tata has released technical specifications of the SUV’s concept form, the production version is expected to feature a different spec, in terms of dimensions. The SUV will be diesel powered, borrowing the 2 liter engine from the Jeep Compass.

In the production version of the H5X, this engine will be detuned to output 140 Bhp and 320 Nm. 6 speed manual and 9 speed automatic gearboxes are expected to be offered with this engine, again stuff that’s already available with the Jeep Compass.

This parts sharing prompts us to believe that the new H5 SUV will also be built alongside the Compass, at the Tata-Fiat factory in Ranjangaon, near Pune.

The new set of pictures released show off the H5X’s simple but classy looking interiors. We really hope that the production version takes inspiration from the concept on this front.

Styling of the concept – overdone in some areas – is likely to be toned down on the production versions. However, the overall look of the production H5 SUV is expected to look similar to the concept. And that’s not a bad thing.

The H5 SUV will also have a larger, longer sibling, expected for launch sometime in 2020. The longer model will pack in 7 seats and will be priced higher. It’s also expected to pack in a more powerful engine.