Tata H7X caught testing with Safari Storme & Nexon before launch

Tata will soon unveil the H7X SUV at the Geneva Motor show on 5th March. It will be the 7-seater version of the recently launched Tata Harrier and will be launched in the Indian market later this year. Tata has started releasing teaser videos and images of the upcoming H7X, and before the global unveiling, a heavily camouflaged version of the SUV was caught on benchmarking test with the Tata Nexon and the Tata Storme.

Tata H7X caught testing with Safari Storme & Nexon before launchThe upcoming Tata H7X has been spotted testing on the Indian roads multiple times. New images put up by Haldar_Siliguri on T-BHP show the Tata H7X at the Tata’s private test track at the Tata Motors plant in Pimpri, near Pune, Maharashtra. The Tata H7X will be the most expensive model of the brand in the Indian market when it is launched.

Even though it was spotted with the other two cars from a very different segment altogether, Tata might be comparing a certain level of comfort or other things in all three vehicles. The Tata Nexon is currently the second-best selling car in the segment and is quite popular in the market while the Tata Storme is known for its ruggedness.

The Tata H7X teaser images show that the all-new SUV will look slightly different when compared to the Harrier. It will get a flatter roofline, which will give ample headroom to the third-row passengers. The H7X will utilise the same Omega Arc platform that underpins the Tata Harrier too. However, the H7X will be longer than the Harrier.

The H7X will have a slightly toned down design, and the window line will be different from the Harrier too. The upcoming SUV will get rear quarter glass for the third-row passengers. It should be noted that the Omega Arc platform is derived from the Land Rover’s D8 platform that also underpins the Land Rover Discovery Sport.

However, the platform gets modifications to keep the cost of the vehicle low. Discover Sport is also available in 7-seat configuration and the grooves for the last row seat is also present in the Tata Harrier’s chassis.

Tata H7X caught testing with Safari Storme & Nexon before launch

Tata has also released teaser images that reveal that the upcoming H7X will get premium interiors. Tata will unveil four all-new vehicles at the Geneva Motor Show this year, and the social media handle of the brand released a picture that shows the rotating gear selector and electronic parking brake. The H7X will be a premium vehicle; it can be safely assumed that the image indicates the interior of the same car.

The all-new Tata H7X will be powered by the same 2.0-litre KRYOTEC diesel engine that powers the Harrier. It generates a maximum of 140 PS and a peak torque of 350 Nm in the Harrier but is expected to churn out more power in the H7X. The teaser image indicates that the Harrier will also get an automatic transmission, which is likely to be a 6-speed automatic sourced from Hyundai.